Writing / journal prompts for photographers

I created these for photographers as a resource to:

Play with their own thoughts and ideas of how they experience and feel about photography,

As inspiration when writing copy or content for the promotion or explanation of the art they create,

To explore photography concepts.



Documentary photography:

As a documentary photographer it is my job for my subject to forget I am there and for me to become a fly on the wall.

Documentary photography takes time, patience and connection with the subject while also being invisible.

Documentary photography is an honest representation of people, places and events taking place.

Documentary photography is used to document the world as it is.

Documentary photography refers to a form of taking photos to chronicle historical events and everyday life.

Documentary photography can be an intimate exploration of a subject or recording of their history.


Portrait photography:

My job as a portrait photographer is to make creative decisions so you recognise yourself – not just your image, but your personality and essence.

When taking portraits, I am not only focused on capturing a face, but it is also my job to express the concept of a person.

My job as a photographer is to capture you being yourself.

How I use my camera and the decisions I make to create a portrait are important to how the photo is perceived.

When taking a portrait, I am telling your story in a way that the viewer will know more about you.

When taking a portrait, it is my responsibility to capture my client’s personality and inner life.


General photography writing prompts:

Photography allows me to see something I have never noticed.

Photography directs my vison, ideas, and thoughts in a creative way for others to see.

Photography is my voice in images.

Photography is an experience. An experience for the photographer, subject, and viewer.

Photography directs my eye to what my heart feels is important in that moment.

Photography is a photographer’s truth – and that truth makes us examine our own.