Perhaps you are reading all this and thinking “oh, I can’t be relaxed in front of a camera” or “I will wait until I lose weight” or “I will wait until my child is out of this stage” or “I don’t have the money for this at the moment”. “I have nothing to wear”.

My answer to all of those statements. I empathize with you, I completely understand. I have had photo sessions where I was the client, I had all of those thoughts. The first photo session I ever had I vomited. The trick is to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with from the very first enquiry. You have clicked on my social media or my website for a reason. I make a promise to you that this experience will be more than you expect. By the time we get to the stage of taking photos, you will be relaxed and excited, you will feel comfortable in your skin and even if you don’t we will work together. You absolutely do not need to buy new clothes. You will have something in your cupboard that you are comfortable in and if you don’t I have loads of floaty material and we can make this into a real fine art photography session. I have photographed breast cancer survivors that swore they would only wear long sleeve, floor length dresses for the shoot. When I delivered their online gallery, they had the most magnificent healing, powerful photos of them completely topless proud of their journey, fight and the battle scars.

Your kid is a human they are always going to be in “a stage”. My eldest son is 18, I am never allowed to take photos of him or post on social media. I have some of the most glorious portraits of him being completely himself, even though he didn’t know that I had taken them and he loves them.

I don’t have the money at the moment. I totally get that I didn’t have the money at the time for my photos either. However, at the time even through my nerves, I felt like I needed something for me, to be able to see me through someone else’s eyes. The images hang in my office and every day I look at them I am see the growth and the change and the strength of that woman in the photos.

Celebrate your existence. You are important, your are worthy, you are loved.