Life; people, health, wealth changes. Nothing stays the same, everyday ordinary images captured in that very moment stay the same. The smile, the hands, the details of the space, the connection with yourself or gorgeous kids, your family, the love. If 2020 has taught the world anything, it is that everything can and does change overnight. That a hug from loved ones can be taken away so easily. That human connection or distance can be dictated by the government. The photo-session captures memories and moments to keep forever. The photos I take are for your future self. You will look at them when I deliver them to you and love them, but you will look at them in few years and cherish them. I want you to look at yourself feel love in your heart for that time. For what you were experiencing at the time, to feel all the emotions of life. The light and the shadow, the growth and change.

So firstly, we chat and co-ordinate before the session. We have the photo session which is capped at 1.5 hours. I invest in your photos, I am capturing you through my lens, meaning the photos will be documentary style with some portraits as well. The photos will be presented to you in black and white and some in colour. I deliver the images to you via an online gallery that you can download and you can also order prints directly from your gallery.

The photo sessions I offer are $550.

Please reach out, book a session with me it will be fun, if you are really unsure follow me on Instagram @mrsmelindaedwards until you feel comfortable enough to know that I am genuine in all of the above.

Say a big excited YES to your photo session

Deposit of $100 now and balance 7 days before shoot.