The investment for heirloom photos?

I am a visual story teller of women’s stories.

The photo session you are investing in with me is for maternity, motherhood, womanhood (unfolding woman) photography.


Maternity photo sessions are of course about capturing the beautiful pregnant form and shape of a woman, celebrating the incredible body that takes over and grows another human.

Maternity sessions with me go deeper than just taking a photo of the pregnant belly. They are a time to connect with yourself. To capture this transformation, to stop for a while and really breathe, connect and appreciate the miraculous body that you have. To spend time connecting and valuing the experience of pregnancy. This session is also a time to connect to your baby.


What a wild ride motherhood is. Beautiful and ugly within seconds of each other. The journey of motherhood is the ultimate lesson and your kids are the teachers. The motherhood sessions that I offer are observational from my part. In the session you and your kids do what you do and I capture that. I will not direct you or the kids. This is a pure capture of your relationship. If they cry, they cry that’s part of motherhood, if they are cuddly and soft great. These are your photos of your motherhood experience so you will get the whole gamut of emotions in the finished images. This offering if for you to immerse yourself fully in your relationship with your kids and create heirloom photos for you all.

Unfolding woman

The Unfolding woman photo session is about you. I chose the word Unfolding because it also means revealing, expanding, stretching, releasing, opening, progressing, unwrapping. Wow what awesome words, as women we are constantly doing all of these things. It’s certainly a process, consciousness and vulnerability. These are portraits of self-connection. You are important, your image in a photo is important, not just the physical but your overall energy at this stage in your life. Give this gift to yourself as a way to acknowledge your existence as a woman, your wisdom and knowledge. Celebrate you and your story, your triumphs and hardships.

The photo session is a safe space to chat, laugh, cry, express yourself, put down the masks of every day. Take a big deep breath and to show yourself love, to honor your life, to feel grateful for your existence and your place in this world, because you are the only you there is, and you are the only one living your life. The time invested in this photo session is for you.

I am with you in this experience and we will work together to make it creative, make you comfortable, playful, fun while also being healing and unfolding. I will encourage you to feel the fluttering in your belly, feel the anxiety of stretching the boundary of your comfort zone, acknowledge the feeling, soften into it, breathe into your gut let it guide you. I will guide you to think of all of your life experience, feel the emotions of your life lessons, what have you learnt, what needs to be celebrated or healed. I will ask you who you love. What are your dreams, goals? Feel those as if they are already yours. I want to know where have your travelled? Feel the experience of learning, tasting, hearing, seeing another culture. I want to know what is your art? Feel how you work with it.

This photo session is a creative, playful way to see yourself. To see yourself captured in an image from someone else’s eye. This time is about creating a space, time, conversation, and support in witnessing your unfolding to truly appreciate all that you are with clarity from the inside out.

How does all this work firstly, we chat and co-ordinate time and place for the session, a Pinterest board will be created to set the mood, so we are both on the same page with vision of the photos. I invest my creative energy in your photos, I am in flow and sometimes get so in flow I lose track of time but we create heirloom photos during 1.5 hours max.

 The photos delivered to you will be portrait and will be presented to you in black and white and some in colour. I deliver the images to you via an online gallery that you can download and also has the convenience of being able to order prints directly from your gallery.

The photo sessions I offer are $550.

Please reach out, book a session with me it will be fun, if you are really unsure follow me on Instagram @mrsmelindaedwards until you feel comfortable enough to know that I am genuine in all of the above.

Please reach out, book a session with me it will be fun, if you are really unsure follow me on Instagram @mrsmelindaedwards until you feel comfortable enough to know that I am genuine in all of the above.

Say a big excited YES to your photo session

Deposit of $100 now and balance 7 days before shoot.