Today 5th October

I sat in an art studio today and heard life experiences from a lady who kindly wanted to share for LUV.
I had never met this woman before, she emailed me a couple of weeks ago after I put a call out for women to share their story for LUV. When I arrived at her home / art studio this morning she greeted me like a long lost friend and made me breakfast of green tea and fruit toast. I stood in her kitchen and we had a quick chat before we went to her art studio. I was so nervous all morning getting ready and on the 50 minute drive north. I am so glad that she confirmed the interview with me as I was in my head too much with anxiety, I told her how nervous I was but equally excited, she replied with a lovely text message.
I came home this afternoon not remembering the drive home, I have so many things that needed doing this afternoon and I just haven’t been able to do them. I am one raw and open nerve ending at the moment. I have a pounding headache and I can feel my whole being vibrating with energy, change, growth, movement. But I feel as though I need to curl up in a ball and settle, get grounded.
I have never been so effected by a conversation with a person that I have just met. It was such a sacred space with just the two of us, her voicing experiences and events that have broken her and me listening to how she has put herself back together, healed and learnt from many life lessons that could easily have her playing the victim. In the face of everything she has experienced she told me that she is grateful for all of it, grateful for the lessons she learned and the deep healing she has worked on.
I am so overwhelmed with the trust that this lady has shown me today in sharing her life experiences. I don’t even have enough words for the gratitude, love and overwhelming feeling of thanks I have for this woman for blessing me with this experience.
This is why I wanted to do this project of LUV. I wanted to spread the voices of women and their powerful chronicles of life. I was naively hoping that by spreading the stories of other women through my writing and publishing them on my website I would offering a beautiful service to my audience, I didn’t recognise the effects it would have on me.
I feel like I shouldn’t have written about this as yet, I feel so raw, but I need to get out some of the energy from today. I wanted to share a tiny part of what I experienced during our time.