The value of free offers

A short-term strategy to gain attention, and interest in your business is to give something for free. Before you start giving away money in your business, ask yourself some questions to gain clarity on the purpose of giving something for free.

Examples of free offers:

  • free portfolio photography sessions,
  • free pdf, eBook
  • a free one-month trial in a coaching or mentoring space, paid newsletter

Ask yourself these questions as you consider creating free offers for your audience, and what the energy around it is.

  • Does the thought of giving my art, products, or services away for free feel generous, abundant, fun, enriching?
  • Why do I think I need to give something away for free?
  • What is the goal for me in giving my product/service away?
  • Is this helpful in my business?
  • What is in it for the audience?

The person on the receiving end of the gift;

  • Are they enthusiastic, grateful, and energetic in receiving what you are giving?
  • Do they feel the value in what they are getting?
  • Will they share your work or mention your name in a room full of opportunities?

Or does it reek of scarcity and desperation, a cry for attention. Is there indifference, or a tepid response to your free offer, start over with the clarity questions above. Your business, art, products, services, and most of all you, are valuable. The time, energy, and emotion you invest in everything you create deserves to be celebrated, no matter if you are giving it for free or charging full price. All of your facets of self and work are valuable.

You are in business, your business is to make money, so you can continue to create the life you want in your business. If giving away a portion of your products or services does not align with your values and standards remember; it is your business, every choice is yours. You do not have to give away something that creates money. But, if you do create a free offer, create it in such a way that you could charge an outrageous price. We give free to our audience every day.  Social media is free, posts, stories and lives, blog posts, newsletters and podcasts are free to our audiences. Make your free content you already share so valuable to your audience; they want to pay you for your products and service.

I have brainstorming to clarity and accountability sessions available to gain clarity on offers.


Have a beautiful day