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Day 38

​Day 38.   Happy Saturday.   My sister, who often receives comments about how much she looks like my mum, called in for a cuppa this morning before her 6 hour drive home. We sat outside in my garden, literally in my garden bed, on a […]

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Daphne Kapsali

I want to send a big thank you to Daphne, an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author, for our Skype conversation.  I was read the first few chapters of 100 days of Solitude and I felt like a connected with her on so many levels, I […]

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Day 27

Day 27. Today has consisted of: Me writing my feature post for tomorrow. I love the process of interviewing and chatting to the awesome ladies that generously share some of their stories. I record the chat on my phone and make notes when I get […]

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Day 26

Day 26 Apparently this week, is the week, I need to learn to live without essential services for a while. No power yesterday, no water today. We had our solar hot water replaced.  It was only for a few hours, but I forgot to fill […]

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Day 25

Day 25 We had no power today. We did get notice that we were losing power, but I completely forgot. I was a bit annoyed at first, because I had planned to bake and wash and write this blog post early and search YouTube for […]

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Day 24

Day 24 I received a text message from my dad this morning to say that my Nan, his mum had died in hospital. I wasn’t close to her and had no significant relationship with her. So I wasn’t overcome with heart wrenching grief when I […]


Day 22

Day 22. (Disclaimer there will be foul language in this one – sorry Mum) Writing the blog earlier today, as I have to go to work this afternoon. I had a beautiful morning making kokedama, (it’s a plant wrapped in sphagnum moss and string) at […]


Peta Hughes

I have always known Peta, to be a woman that waves the flag very passionately for feminism, and celebrating women and their accomplishments. I have known her, to be a loyal and devoted friend to the people around her. Peta is very aware of her […]


Day 21

Day 21 As I rolled out of bed this morning, I hear this “you didn’t sleep at all last night.” I was so tired my response was a grunt. I didn’t sleep because my shifts are all over the place, and I was stressing about […]

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Day 20

Day 20 Working where I work really shit me today. It wasn’t a busy day at all, but the people that I had to deal with today just pushed my buttons.  I walked out of working wanting to tell some of them not to think […]

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Day 17

Day 17   Father’s day today. We spent the morning at the beach and had a delicious brekky at a café down the road from where the boys had been surfing. I sat on the beach and watched my husband and kids having ball in […]

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Day 16

Day 16 Family day today. It was my niece’s 1st birthday party, she slept through the whole thing, but we celebrated for her. The party was backwards, as she needed sleep and we all wanted to see her cut the cake, so she cut up […]

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