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Post 92

Good Morning 4.20am 3rd December 2016. I am writing this on my break at work, yes on nights again. I am up to post 92 and trying to finish this 100 days of writing as fast as I can. Tonight has gone surprisingly quickly, I […]

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Day 19

Day 19.   Night duty recover today. No major dramas with children starting work for the first time. Finished work at 7am was home by 745am, may have cried with relief when I realised that my husband didn’t have to work today, meaning that I […]

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Day 14

It is 2.09am, yes 2.09am, I am at work that is the only reason I am awake at this ridiculous hour.  My friend that is coming to have lunch with me in a few hours, will laugh her ass off that I am writing at […]

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