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Help a mother out.

I know the word “tribe” is a popular term at the moment and being bashed to death. I’m 14.10 years into the raising of our boys and have always drawn on advice from my mum, my sisters, my hubby’s family, friends, teachers and principals, other mothers. It’s become […]

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Post 74

​Post 74 This week I feel that I’ve been the mother that continually makes demands from her kids. It really did feel like every time that I spoke to my offspring, it was too ask them to do something.   “Put your tie and belt on”   “get ready for school.” […]

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Post 70

Post 70 I love interesting conversations. I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend that I don’t see often enough. We spoke deeply and opening about being a woman, wife, and mother. We spoke about family that is not blood but make us feel […]

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