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Post 100

Post 100 I made it…………………………….100 posts. What a relief that is over. I am glad I did the 100 posts but feel as though an invisible weight has been lifted now the 100 posts are done. Thanks to everyone that has read and supported my […]


Post 99

Post 99 In nearly 100 posts, lots has happened. Winter to summer, school to school holidays, I was at the peak of working hard on my marriage.  Now we are still working on it but not in such an acute I love you but really […]

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Post 98

Post 98. “Oh your boy’s are so independent, I was watching you set up your site yesterday and was envious of you and your hubby. The boy’s jumped out of your car and went and found their friends and you two laughed and worked together […]

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Post 97

Post 97 We are on holidays. We are at the beach camping. We are living in a camper trailer with an outside kitchen. The toilet and shower block is across the road and a hill from our site, the beach is four tent sites down […]


Post 96

Post 96 For this post I flicked through the dictionary and the word that came up for me was “Uncomfortable” – adjective – Causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort. Causing or feeling unease or awkwardness. I was a bit miffed actually that this […]

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Post 94

Post 94 We have just walked in the door from a two day road trip to pick up boy 1. He went to stay with my dad in Western Queensland for his first week of school holidays. The trip was about 7 hours travelling. The […]

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Post 89

Post 89 I asked a Instagram group that I am apart of to give me some topics to write about one of them was Mom life tips (I know Aussies spell it Mum) Where to begin!!!! Always follow your own instincts. You are the vessel […]

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Post 88

Post 88 The feature photo is a dragon fruit cactus. Boy 2 has a diverse palate and will try absolutely anything that is put in front of him. He has a soft spot though for fruit. A friend of his bought a pink oval shaped […]

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Post 87

Post 87   Happy summer, December 1st. I love summer, I get excited about the heat and the energy and the movement of summer – like running across sand when it is burning my feet, racing into the ocean so my skin stops burning, the […]

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Post 86

Post 86 Second last day of school for 2016 for boy 2 today. Today he formally says goodbye to, two of his closest friends, one that he has grown and had adventures with since he started at kindy when he was 18 months old. The […]

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Post 85

  Post 85 I am sitting in the Coffee club across the road from the tyre shop, where my car is currently being fitted with some new rubber. We are going to be doing a lot of driving over the next few weeks and we […]

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