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Day 4

Day 4.   Good afternoon.   Getting my blog post done a bit earlier than midnight today. Three quotes have stood out for me today, and prompted my writing. Also the card that I drew before I started writing was another prod and I wanted […]

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Every family needs a farmer

This picture was posted on Instagram this morning and it inspired this post. Early this year 80% of Queensland was declared in drought, with early stages of el Nino meaning drought breaking rain in winter and spring were highly unlikely. One particular lady always says […]

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Learn something new everyday.

“Blogging”, lets learn some interesting facts about blogging. The word “Blog” is a combination of web and log. Blogging was thought to have started in the early nineties, by an American college student. Initially blogs were a platform that people used as an online diary. […]

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Fly out Friday

Today was fly out day for us, the end of 7 days of R and R for my husband and back to work for 21 days. We have lived this routine for 2.5 years now. Some fly out days are tough, like crying and lots […]

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Be kind or be quiet on social media

This study period via Open Learning University, I am study engaging media through Curtin Uni. The main theme of this unit is participatory culture. I am fascinated to learning about this concept that we are currently living. We are a generation that has the most […]