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Help a mother out.

I know the word “tribe” is a popular term at the moment and being bashed to death. I’m 14.10 years into the raising of our boys and have always drawn on advice from my mum, my sisters, my hubby’s family, friends, teachers and principals, other mothers. It’s become […]

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Post 95

Post 95. I mentioned in my last post that I am an introvert, however I have done some research and I am actually an ambivert. a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality. A couple of weeks ago I […]

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Post 75

Post 75 It’s not even summer yet and it is hot. Baking hot, my clean sheets were dry and baked on the clothes line, before I was able to hang the next load of washing out. I love when I can feel the sun burning your skin […]

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Day 64

Day 64. Feelin’ the love today.   Mum, I missed you yesterday! Are you staying home tonight? Morning babe, please tell me you’re not working tonight! Mum can you please pick me up from school today? I love when you are at school in the […]

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Day 48

Day 48 Travelled to Northern New South Wales today to visit Scott’s nanna. By the time we reached the farm at Coraki, my whole body was vibrating with stressed out energy. I wasn’t angry, or upset, I had  mother stress going on, where I didn’t know […]

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Day 41

Day 41. Our home is devoid of boy’s voices and their presence today and I feel a bit lost. There wasn’t the frantic rush and nagging this morning to get ready for school, where is your belt, where is your tie. I was parked on […]

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Day 34

Day 34 I read motivational books, and I practice yoga, always try and find the positive, I scroll through Pinterest looking for inspiring quotes, do things like a 100 day writing challenge, to get me outside of comfort zone. But today was a profound day. […]

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Day 24

Day 24 I received a text message from my dad this morning to say that my Nan, his mum had died in hospital. I wasn’t close to her and had no significant relationship with her. So I wasn’t overcome with heart wrenching grief when I […]


Day 16

Day 16 Family day today. It was my niece’s 1st birthday party, she slept through the whole thing, but we celebrated for her. The party was backwards, as she needed sleep and we all wanted to see her cut the cake, so she cut up […]

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Amanda Metelli

The third lady in my #mesistertribe series is Amanda Metelli.   Metelli and I meet at a coffee shop for our interview and were seated in booth seating, it was the perfect setting for our fun chat. This gorgeous lady, saves lives everyday as an […]

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