Pretty Knickers and preparation

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After the initial pounding of my heart and hysterical laughter, at me being chosen for the boudoir model shoot, my emotions swung from:

Excitement about, wearing pretty knickers, getting hair and makeup done and feel all girly.  To freaking the hell out that I have answered an ad on Instagram. I am meeting a stranger in a hotel room in the middle of Brisbane, and what if it is some dodgy set up.


I started with a bit of research:

What is the definition of Boudoir:

“Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom. In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie.

Boudoir photography

An intimate photo of a man or women, suggestively covered but not fully nude, meant to tease the senses.


Well I know the literal meaning, so what about examples.

I made a rookie mistake, and went on Instagram and searched # tags for boudoir and boudoir photography. Of course all the women looked like Victoria secret models (I shut down that search quickly).

Pouring a generous glass of wine I settled in to do some online shopping for lingerie.   What an eye opening and kinda creepy shopping experience. It is completely different buying lingerie when you know you are going to be photographed.  I mean have you ever really taken any notice of how small knickers are? I hadn’t until I knew that someone with a camera, that I had never meet was going to take pictures of all that skin. After looking at far too many women in almost nothing. I purchased what was described as a “lace bikini” and a pair of black lace knickers. Let me tell you, the online seller needs to work on their descriptions. Thank fully I did not spend a fortune and the shipping was free. Because the “lace bikini” that I thought I would be comfortable in, because I wear bikini’s to the beach. Turned out to be a barely there lace G-string (the string at the back is the equivalent to tooth floss) and the bikini top has slits from top to bottom so your nipples are on full display. Now the black lace knickers have gorgeous black lace at the front, again tooth floss at the back and the real kicker is they are crotch less – yes CROTCH LESS, not even sure how you design or make a crotch less G-string. These are now shoved in the back of my knickers draw, not much to them so they aren’t taking up room. (These were NOT worn at the shoot).

I am a sucker for pretty lacy confections with bows, and flowers, and ribbon. I have tiny boobs, so bras for me are like decoration, no support really needed. I had planned to go lingerie shopping on my own, especially after my hilariously disastrous online shopping experience. Of course on the day that I decided to equip my kids with back to school items for 2016, Target would happen to have a sale on the exact attire I was looking for. My poor darlings waited patiently on a chair outside the waiting rooms while I tried lace, ribbons, and bows on.

After my successful shopping, I spoke to Marina on the phone. Her gorgeous German accent, her open, calming, friendly, and professional manner all made me feel at ease. We chatted about why I was chosen – (my email connected with her, she was looking for someone that had not done this before and was looking for a new experience). She was put off by the women that assumed that they would be chosen because they had boudoir experience. We spoke about why I wanted to do this – I explained to her that it had never even crossed my mind to seek out this type of experience. That for a busy mumma it seemed like a luxury.  My main point though was that being constantly surround by active, sporty, boys, it would be indulgent and luxurious to have an afternoon where I am the main focus, being spoiled with hair and make-up and wearing pretty lacy things.

The prep for this mostly naked nerve wracking experience was:

Not only did I buy a new wardrobe, I miraculously scored an appointment with my hairdresser, and practised yoga twice a day for the 2 weeks leading up to the shoot.

I was also trying to follow Marina’s instructions:

Plenty of water (more coffee than water)

Lots of sleep (This was the week that I worked the most that I have in months, kids were going back to school, not much sleep)

No tanning (After spending 16 days in Byron Bay, I had a killer tan)

Pamper yourself – go and get a manicure/pedicure.  (Work and kids back to school – no relaxing mani/pedi. I slapped on two coats of nude nail polish after shaving armpits to ankles, the morning of the shoot.)

Part 1 – Model Call

Part 1 of a 4 part series…………………………….


I find Instagram fascinating. When I press the magnifying glass on the bottom left hand side, of the screen, I am at times dumbfounded with what the search reveals to me. I wonder why Instagram thinks I would be interested in some of the images. However, this mystery has provided me with a great little story that I hope you will enjoy over the next few days.

I am serious about my word of the year ALIVE, well wait till you read on for January’s version of ALIVE.


10th January 2016

Good Morning Marina.

I am emailing in relation to the Instagram post for models.

I am a 36 year old Mumma and wife who has never modelled before.  

I would love to have this experience.  Why do I want to do it?  Well recently I have been embracing more of me – I have always loved to write but NEVER been brave enough to share it and enjoy and express my creativity. Well I started a blog and it has been pretty successful for the amount of time that I have been doing it.  Since I have been stepping so far outside my comfort zone and enjoying it and the creative process of writing, I have also been seeking other experiences. 

I think doing this would let me see my body in a different way (I have checked out your website and your photos are sensual, beautiful and unique.) Since having kids and breastfeeding them I have always been conscious of how small my boobs are and while I feel that I look ok in clothes, I am almost embarrassed when in underwear or naked.


Thanks for your time.

Melinda Edwards

I press send and don’t really give it much thought because – well I am sure that the photographer will receive hundreds of emails. I only sent the email as a part of my ALIVE for the year, just to see what happens.


12th January 2016 (parts of the email – that I was sent)

Dear Melinda,


First of all, thank you for answering my model call for boudoir session. To be honest, I haven’t expected so much interest and I am really overwhelmed with such great response. 

Thank you so much for your lovely email. After I read your email I just thought: I would love to meet this lady in person and photograph her for my portfolio! 

I would love to give you an amazing boudoir session experience with me. My goal is to create classy boudoir photographs in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself.  I will support and guide you through the process by showing you and telling you exactly what needs to be done.


I look forward to meeting you soon!


Cheers, Photographer

Marina Meier HQbpp



P.S: I read a bit from your blog. I like it!


My response to the above email, was to freak the hell out and laugh uncontrollably at my stupidity at sending the initial email. What have I gotten myself into?