(One of my favourite poses – this is not me)

Sitting at the red light in traffic, with every other harried Mumma at 8.15am, I glance over at the Bootcamp/PT gym that I drive past every day. Push-ups by 4 fluro covered women is going on in one area, another 4 women in equally bright boy leg shorts are boxing and another couple are running out the door (this is what I would want to do) no I think they are doing laps. This bought me back to my post from earlier in the week about skinny vs fat. These types of gyms, well any gym actually – makes me break out in nervous hives. I guess that is why I am skinny fat. I have however always enjoyed yoga, Birkam yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa. I love the breathing, the flow of the poses, the stretch, with Bikram I hate the sweat but love the challenge. I enjoy all of these but don’t know much about the benefits. So if I am going to practice yoga as part of my skinny fit challenge I thought I should know if it is helping at all.


Bikram yoga – 26 poses, 2 breathing exercise, in a 38 degree rooms, for 90 minutes. This practise is scientifically designed to systemically cleanse and work your whole body, (ahh yeah it is, because from the second you walk into the studio you want to run far, far away). From massaging of organs, to strengthening muscles (yes because twisting and turning and standing on one leg while sweat drips from EVERY single part of your body is a sane persons way of working out), working the cardiovascular system, toning and stretching, most of all it is a mental work out ( yes the feeling of your heart pounding out of your chest and your brain short circuiting is awesome, my first Bikram class I think I laughed and cried most of the time, thank god for the sweat) . Short term benefits are better sleep patterns, more energetic, toned and stretched. Long term more flexibility and less injure prone with a strong mind. (I can give a running commentary on my experience this was my workout of choice for 2 years)


Hatha yoga – through breathing, asanas (series of postures) hatha yoga helps to align muscles, skin and bones, it calms body and mind and its spiritual benefits can change your life. Hatha yoga increases strength, flexibility and range of motion. (This is the yoga that I practice when I am feeling frazzled and need to calm down my favourite pose is Camel.)


Vinyasa Yoga – Vinyasa can be translated into (arranging something in a special way). So the breathing and yoga poses are a special arrangement, of flowing from one to the other makes for a dynamic work out. Vinyasa is great for building core and upper body strength, improves out posture and helps build and maintain metabolic rate. (I love doing a good, hard vinyasa flow in the mornings to get your heart pumping)




November 1

First blog post of November and I am nervous and a bit excited. See I have signed up for NaBloPoMo . NaBloPoMo is a 30 blog challenge. I have toyed with the idea of a blog for mmmm probably 12 months. I dipped my toe in the blogosphere in June with the posts Bikram, mountains and fly in fly out, Brazilian, Twenty-one days, and Cricket mum and quickly jumped back ten feet, from dipping said toe, because you know I didn’t get a million likes or comments. My confidence took a nose dive and I was way too scared to try again, because well obviously no one like my writing (no naïve and obviously no clue about blogging). So I am back, ready to roll up my sleeves and get my typing fingers tapping away, creating blogs posts for the next 30 days.

Don’t get me wrong, still worried that no one will read my blog posts, that everyone will read my blog posts, that no one will comment or like, that everyone will comment or like, that I may get negative comments, that I may get positive comments, am I writing in a style suitable for a blog, am I writing interesting content. Oh for god sakes, what a way to melt my brain……………….

My main aims for the next 30 days is to enjoy my writing and my build confidence. I have no plan for how I am going to find content for the next 30 blogs posts, I am thinking maybe experiences from that day, or things I love, things I hate, maybe include a quote and what that quote means to me, one day I may tackle just posting images.

So with all that being said “Happy November” and stay tuned for my next blog xx

Bikram, mountains and fly in fly out

My girlfriends are the most beautiful, supportive and fit women in my life. I am not one for the gym, but my exercise of choice is yoga. I am in a love/hate relationship with Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga, the type of yoga where I sweat it out in a 38-degree room for 90 minutes in a series of 26 yoga poses, like ‘Awkward’ pose. I  drag my ass into, two classes each week. If my gorgeous friend Helen, didn’t come with me and make me feel guilty, lazy, and unmotivated if I didn’t go, then nope, I wouldn’t put myself through the torture.

In the hot room there are a few things I struggle with and it doesn’t matter how much I try and surrender to the yoga instructor’s voice, I cannot shut-up my internal chatter. Other times, it is my body screaming at me. Almost always it is the sweat. I hate sweat, I hate it when it goes up my nose, I hate it when it drips in my mouth, I hate it when it trickles in between my boobs, I hate it when it runs down my legs. But the moment I conquer a class and hit the showers, none of those things matter and I have a sense of triumph, and feel like I can do anything.

I have also included a new form of torture. Again, I have the most beautiful and supportive, fit girlfriends I could ask for, and then I have the two ‘bitches’ (I called them that during this walk) that drag me to a local mountain to “go for a walk”.  The mountain of choice at the moment is about 10 minutes from my house. It is the worst 700 meters that I have ever walked. From the very first step it is insanely steep, and I mean…straight-up steep. No meandering path, no gentle climb, nope, straight into the steepest freaking concrete path I have ever seen. The first time that I did it, I really did think that I was going to die. My heart was beating out of my chest, I couldn’t for the life of me catch my breath, my legs were burning, and my mind was in overdrive with the most dreadful names that I could think of to call my friend.

On the second go up this god-awful mountain, I changed my plan of attack. I decided I can only look at my feet. If I look up and see that steep, torturous concrete path I get overwhelmed, my breath shortens, my heart races and my mind turns negative. My mind tells me I will never get there; my mind tells me to stop. But if I just concentrate on my feet and take one step at a time, I don’t get overwhelmed, my breath slows and I can concentrate. It is only then that the tortuous path does not seem as bad. It is still tough, I defiantly get a work out, but I can manage it, and without too much name calling.

In the same spirit of the yoga and mountain experiences, I have been struggling with FIFO this swing. The 21 days have been like that god-awful, torturous concrete path, and I feel like I have defiantly been sweating it out with sweat going up nose in the Bikram yoga room. However, during my post-mountain walk emotional high, I saw the similarities of the extreme exercises of yoga and mountain walking, and the last two weeks of this swing. If I stop looking at the date that Mr S comes home and only look at today’s date and what I need to get done today and only concentrate on today, then like that concrete path and the sweat, I will get there. So, I can say this much…The time Mr S is away will be crap and I will have dreadful names running through my head about what I think of FIFO. But when I pick Mr S up from the airport at the end of the 21 days, I will have that same feeling of Bikram yoga and mountain climbing triumph, and I will feel like I can do anything.