A question that I was asked last week keeps asking for a more thorough answer than what I gave at the time.


The question was something along the lines of; In the book you have sidestepped sharing your story, can you explain that?

My initial answer was that as mothers and women when we share stories, we seem to always go for the trauma stories, the stories that are hard or awful, we rarely truly celebrate. We seem to bond over comparing and sharing stories or experiences where we have experienced worse than someone else. That sometimes in sharing our stories, the person we are speaking to, isn’t able to hold that story, or that space where we are venting or expressing our fears or experience, and we leave the conversation feeling worse or misunderstood. It was also never my intention to write a book of my stories.

This is what’s been on my mind since.

It was never my intention to write a book. The day that I sat down and started writing these words out to the Melinda in the journals from years past; I knew my story and my experiences from my own heart. I had 20/20 hindsight. The words in the book are words of wisdom, knowledge, love, reminders, support, and encouragement. They are the words that I wished I had on some days.  The writing started out purely for me. The words were strong medicine for me. They were never going to see the light of day. When I decided to create a book out of the words, sharing my experiences and stories was never a factor. The words in the book are unchanged from the original musings on a cold and windy winters day when my heart needed to write.

The book has always been about Remembering. Remembering that women have the tools that we need, remembering to trust ourselves, remembering our value and remembering that we are in flow every day. This book was always intended to be gentle, and kind, and for women to have as their own trusted companion. A space where women can come back into their own heart, and body to discover, and recognise their own wisdom in their story so far. To come back into the moment. To appreciate and celebrate that they are here on this earth for their own learning experience and to surround themselves with select people. I have learned that it is important to recognise that not everyone needs to know all of my stories or experiences, and to trust my own voice in who and what to share. I have experienced and witnessed the medicine and magic that can come from a highly trusted and safe women’s circle. Where stories, experiences, triumphs, and trauma are all expressed and held in a way that wisdom, celebration, and healing come from this exchange. This is the way that I want Remember to feel.

To buy Remember as your companion here is the linkBook – “Remember – words for the beautiful mess that is motherhood” – Mrsmelindaedwards.com