What I have learnt the last 3 weeks of Remember

No one cares about your creations more than you do, absolutely no one. However, I have been surprised, and delighted by who has shown support and I am so grateful for their generous patronage, their words that have cheered me on. Thoughtful questions and fascination with the process.

I am appreciative of the conversations that I have had the absolute pleasure of having. Mostly with women that I have not met in person, there have been so many words of love and support, guidance, and encouragement to aim higher, stretch further and trust.  I have learnt that when you truly create from your heart, in a deep pure way, then the product of that energy magnetizes the people that need it, that are interested and enthusiastic to support.

I have learnt that when truly united with the creation, the boundaries, and what I am willing to do or not do is not even a thought; it just is. There is no negotiation. Having created from a place that was originally just for me the result is honest, raw, elegant, and pure.

What I have experienced this last three weeks is a quiet calm. I have learnt that when creating from such a pure place; the art feels alive. It has a life of its own, and my wishes and dreams for it are just that, wishes and dreams.  She has travelled and been loved by so many for the beautiful creation that she is.

People have said to me “Wow, it’s happened so quickly and out of nowhere”. That is partly true. In the fact that I did not, nor have ever intended to write a book. I have written for years, just for me, I have written for my website, I have partially completed a writing and publishing degree – I only did the fun units for me, creative writing, and all the arts subjects that I could get away with. I have books, and journals on shelves and in cupboards. I have folders on my desk top full of writing. So yes, the book seems to have come out of nowhere, after writing for most of my life. The day that I started “the book” and the stream of words that flowed out of me and onto the page was not surprising to me at all. It was purely for me, the words on the pages where healing, rich and clear. This book did not come from me. It came through me, and the words arranged themselves on the page as they were meant to.

The moment I sent a DM to Indy, a total stranger telling her of my writing, and asking her how her services worked, there was no nerves or doubt at all, simply a feeling of knowing that it was the perfect next step. The whole process has unfolded like that. Every next step I had no doubts. I had no fears that the book wouldn’t sell. I have held no concerns that the book will not be loved, and the words appreciated.

The website not working on the launch of the presale, lead to connection with women all around the world that I have never met. It has been a joyous experience of getting to know the women who will have Remember in their home. This feels so much more special to me, than the website working perfectly and never getting the chance to meet and connect with women worldwide.

I was conscious of the people that were involved in the book and the energy surrounding and supporting her, the perfect people for each step have shown up at exactly the right time and contributed their wisdom, knowledge, creativity, and expertise. The work and the creating Indy and I have done together has been smooth, calm and a process that has taken advantage of both of our strengths. Andrew, the IT expert who updated the website was a saviour.  Dani’s elegant and timeless letterpress cards to accompany the book have been the perfect addition, that I did not know was even needed. But again, perfect timing. I wished for Chole to do a review, she generously agreed. Chole has travelled all over the world and is also a published author, I wanted that energy in the book. The world traveller with self-publishing experience. Meg an author who is currently writing and self-publishing her book. I asked for her input as well because, she has valuable experience, she is goal driven and sees well into the future, also, energy that I wanted associated with the book.

I have learnt over the last 3 weeks of pre-sale and promoting, talking, and marketing my book. That when the creation is truly beautiful and needed all goals and wishes will be met. I have set loftier heights for the year ahead for the book and have no doubt that they will be fulfilled.


Remember can be purchased here Book – “Remember – words for the beautiful mess that is motherhood” – Mrsmelindaedwards.com