Quality vs quantity in content creation.

The way we speak about our business story, what we offer and who we are builds trust in our audience and the deeper they connect with us the more chance we have of converting audiences to clients. We live in world where we have the internet in our hands, we can research and get answers to anything within minutes,  this includes for products and services. Everything is online;  reviews, comments on our social media, conversations we have and our websites are shop fronts. We have seconds to hold someone’s attention.

The spray and pray method for creating social media posts, blog posts, emails or newsletters is not a strategy for growing audience and client trust or engagement. Creating a high-volume of content drives traffic to your social media or website and is one way to get attention and analytic numbers higher, but if the content has no substance, relevance, or value to the audience we have lost an opportunity for engagement with a potential client.

Everything in life it is about who we know, who we connect with and want to start a conversation with. Creating quality content that is informative, educational, entertaining or encourages someone to slow down and pay attention to what we have shared; cuts through the noise of 5000+ ads seen per day by the average person online (sjinsights). By creating quality content, we maybe one of the 12 businesses(sjinsights) people engage with amongst the noise and clutter of the online experience.

Information overload, analysis paralysis and mistrust of mainstream media has created a participatory culture with consumers researching online, and particularly on social media for reviews, conversations, sharing of products or services to make their decision on where they spend their money and who with; influenced by perceived risks, product knowledge and trust given by other consumers(information and decision science) .

Here lies an opportunity for us to share quality content for our business, brand, and the ultimate reaching of our goals. This comes from converting an audience to paying clients, with quality information, education, entertainment, connection, and conversations.

Audiences want to know us, they want to know about the offers we have and how our products or services benefits them or gives them value for money, they want to know what others have experienced with us, and how we are different from every other business they are researching or paying attention to. People claim to be time poor, but happy to scroll social media with their limited resource of time so, if they are paying any attention to us or our content, it is our responsibility to make the most of that attention, it is our responsibility to honour that attention and time.

The recommendation for posts on social media is at least once a day and no more than three times a day, however it takes a minimum of 7 times for someone to pay attention to what we offer. Case studies and google searches have pages and pages of general information on frequency and best times for posting on social media. However, we are all unique, what we post will be different to someone else posting at the same time, from a different location, for a different industry.

Our content is how we create it, the quality of content, engagement and conversation with our clients are how we create it. Before we decide on strategy for what we create and where we share it, think about the purpose of it – what do we want to achieve with our content? What’s a goal or result we want to achieve? With quality, consistency, being ourselves, being honest, transparent, having curiosity and being open to experiment with our content; we add value to our audience’s experience with us, build trust and engagement in our business and brand.

Always quality over quantity, consistency over spray and pray, and be yourself over abiding by statistics.