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You are a creative woman, you have created your business around creating art and making money from that art. Your photography or art is a form of expression, it releases your heart and voice out into the world.

Creativity and creating are important to you.

A writing practice is a practice of layers, it can be surface level, it can be selfish or dive deep into your heart, observations of yourself, your life and your loved ones. On some days  a writing practice is space of aggressive processing. Other days the release is relief; and a weight lifted off your shoulders. You can practice gratitude, joy, and celebration on the pages of journals, diaries, or the blank page of a word document.

Writing for can be an expansive experience, you slow down and take notice. Close your eyes listen, firstly to sounds around you; the birds in conversation with each other, the car driving past your home, the dog snoring in the kitchen. The listening goes deeper;  hear the voice of your heart, and your writing melts into a whole-body experience, you feel shame as it burns up my skin, or the flutter in your belly of excitement, burning cheeks of embarrassment or the restlessness of celebration and joy.

During a writing practice  the urge to pick up your phone and numb out maybe strong – hold don’t numb allow yourself to sit and wait. A writing practice can relive situations, taste amazing food again, hear the words of loved ones and remember what is important to you, what you want and what you do not want.

To read back a piece of you writing; where you hold nothing back, don’t stop to question yourself or put a stop to your dreams, or goals  and allow them to pour on to the page or screen, is a vulnerable and intimate practice of creativity and self-expression. It provides a space to process and find clarity:

wild and outrageous dreams,

thoughts on who you am and who you want to be in business,

ideas for how you want to show up in business or creative projects.

in processing of fears, confusion, feeling stagnant or lonely.

It is a place of manifestation.


Imagine having your own pen pal mentor.

Pen pal mentoring is a space you dedicate to yourself each week in creating a piece of writing that processes your dreams and goals for your business and creativity.

Having a pen pal mentor and building a practice of writing is a deep form of self-expression and creativity that adds depth and layers to a private mentoring experience and the freedom to lay out everything on paper without the vulnerability of face-to-face interaction.

It is an opportunity to be held, supported, and noticed.

It is your own space to pay attention to what you are creating and choosing in life and business; and to take steps in expanding into your goals and dreams in a fulfilling and wildly abundant way, and to have a record of all you are wanting.

Pen pal mentoring is for women who find release and clarity in writing as a form, AND it is a for women who want to challenge themselves in creating clear communication for their business and their ideas. Writing as a creative practice leads to new perspectives and clarity.

If you would like to connect via Pen pal mentoring.

The price is $99 per month, and we exchange emails once per week.

This is your writing space to explore, be curious and push boundaries and gain clarity. Sign up below and I will be in contact.









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