Book – “Remember – words for the beautiful mess that is motherhood”


Remember – words for the beautiful mess that is motherhood

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being here and supporting “Remember”.

“Remember” was created after falling down a rabbit hole of contemplation in re-reading writing spanning many years. I am sharing some motherhood lessons in “Remember”, from written reminders to myself and my experience of the messy and the glory of motherhood.

It is a personal and vulnerable facet of myself, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience, create conversation, and connection with other mums.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Love Melinda



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This book reminded me of the deep and lyrical parts of myself and shone a light on the beauty of this journey called motherhood. It is the kind of book you should keep tucked under your pillow and read again and again at the end of each day to remind you who you are and what you are capable of.

Meg Grace – Author

Motherhood leaves me dazed more times than not. It exposes parts of me I never knew existed and strength tests my core on a regular basis. Since I don’t have my own mum to turn to or be reassured by it proves a challenge and I’m only a decade into this lifelong journey. As I started reading this amazing book of gentle love, I felt quietly soothed like someone had just pulled up a chair, softly touched my hand and offered to make me a cup of tea. “Remember” by Melinda Edwards gives you permission to stop for a moment and be comforted. It gives you enough to know you’re not alone and not so much that you feel overshadowed by someone else’s story. Melinda has created something truly special, and I already know so many who I’d gift a copy to. Every mother needs one, every mother deserves one.

Chloe Lodge – artist and author


This is a pre-sale event. With your purchase of this book, it means that you are investing in the production and printing of her. Being a pre-sale means; It will be a few weeks before she shows up in your mail box.

On that note, family and friends that I see on a regular basis contact me for bank details. Paying by direct deposit means you avoid postage, and we can catch up for a coffee or wine when I deliver your book personally.

One last housekeeping point – no refunds. It’s a beautiful piece of art work and I don’t think that this will be an issue – but you know just in case.


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