1 x 1 hour “What’s your why?” clarity mentoring IWD




1  x 1 hour “What is your why?” CLARITY  MENTORING

A space of creativity not consumption

Our life is how we create it, through every choice we make.

As a woman in creative business, some days you can feel   aloneconfusedoverwhelmedlostdisconnectedbusy and directionless, and seek more from outside of you in the way of more courses, masterclass, books, and workshops, dividing again and again more time, energy, and money adding to overwhelm.

“What is your why” clarity mentoring conversation is you committing  to remembering what your “why” is, so you can understand on a deeper level what you want. You are confident in the art you create but less confident in the business being created.  At the moment you are making decisions based on what you THINK you should be doing, you are comparing yourself to other photographers on Instagram, you are not showing up in the way you want and you are signing up for more and more education but not taking the action needed to create the business you thought you would create. You feel overwhelmed with things but not getting anything done because you don’t know how to integrate information you have learnt, or  you do not feel you have time to create your business. You end up having low energy because you don’t feel connected to your business.


1  x 1 hour “What is your why?” CLARITY  MENTORING

This is you if you want the space and opportunity to focus on gaining clarity of ideas, thoughts, dreams, and fears.

This ‘What is your why” clarity mentoring gives you a strong foundation to create your business from. Knowing your why means asking yourself also what you want. This is deep personal work that requires you to know  your values, standards, boundaries and offers you a deep understanding of yourself, your heart and your art. Knowing with clarity what your why is; gives a sense of freedom in the ease of which you create your business and choices you make; because you are clear in your why.

This space is to explore with curiosity and focus conversation on where you take steps towards clarity on a project, offer and viability and sustainability, or to bring movement and energy to areas in your business that are feeling stagnant.

The session is a quick taste of thoughtful questions, ideas and sharing of wisdom and knowledge and creating change.

As women in creative business, we take creation and creativity seriously; so imagine a space to create in where you can explore one your why.


The 1:1 space will disrupt your comfort zone and you will experience clarity and inner accountability.

The session in conversation is via zoom, it is a an hour to tease out ideas, strategies, and clarity in where to next on a single project, thought, idea or service in your business. To make the absolute most our time , please come to this zoom call with a list of the most important things you would like to brainstorm and gain clarity on.


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Because “Your business is how you create it”.


I am looking forward to connecting with you.

I highly recommend thinking about signing up to my 12 week sessions – Why multiple sessions – because shifts in thoughts, ideas and energy happen in these sacred women’s conversations. Exceptional things happen when you commit to yourself. The knowledge and permission your gift yourself when signing up for multiple sessions devoted to you creates an opportunity for a sense of freedom, flow, and increased creativity. It allows for thoughts and ideas to filter and change as needed to expand or be culled if they no longer serve a purpose.

Because it is a commitment to yourself, it is a devotion to showing up each week at the same time and the same space – there is a certain freedom and security in knowing that is your time. It is a boundary you are setting for your self-care.

The time, space, energy and money you invest here is you creating your business how you want, this is a space where you explore you, this is a space where you integrate your wisdom, knowledge into how it best serves you in your business.

My role in this; is for you to feel a sense of confidence in knowing you have a woman who supports you fully with no judgement.  A woman who will ask you questions and initiate conversations creating a deep level of self-trust in yourself and creating the life and business that you are in this life for. I will ask questions that make you uncomfortable. I will cheer you on each week, and support you in the planning, actions, and steps towards your goals. A woman who is with you in this time of creating shifts in your business and life. A woman who will show up for you every single week at the same time and focus only on you.



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