Photo sessions

The unfolding woman.

The Unfolding Woman. On a deep level we are all unfolding. I chose the word Unfolding because it also means revealing, expanding, stretching, releasing, opening, progressing, unwrapping. As women we are constantly doing all these things. It is certainly a process, consciousness and vulnerability. You are important, your image in a photo is important, not just the physical but your overall energy at this stage in your life. These images are an acknowledge to your existence as a woman, your wisdom and knowledge. Celebrate you and your story, your triumphs and hardships.

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Congratulations, if you are looking at this you are in such a transformational period of your life. It is such a small space of time that you are blooming – literally with life. I am so glad that you are wanting to capture this moment in time for yourself and also for your child.

My maternity sessions are 1 hour, with as little as you are comfortable wearing (in years to come you will want to remember your beautiful full belly). I can come to you so that you are comfortable in your surroundings, or we can talk about outdoor locations.

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New Born

Congratulations on the birth of your baby, hope you are both well. My newborn sessions are very relaxed and in flow with you and baby. I come to you and spend time with you and baby for 1 hour and capture you in the newborn baby bubble. The whole session is up to you and baby on the day, if it is an hour of breastfeeding or an hour of resting or you and baby dressed up and ready for portraits. Please remember whatever is happening on the day is perfect and normal in the newborn phase and the absolute most important moments captured in this stage are you and baby connecting.


You are an amazing mum, and I am so proud that you are looking at this offering. Motherhood photography is so important, you are vital, and it is valuable to your family history that you are in the frame with your children. You created a baby inside of your amazing body, you birthed a baby from your amazing body. Everyday you get up and show up you are the most important person in your children’s lives, and you are their very first home. This absolutely needs to be documented. My photo session is 1 hour – kids are over it by then. I can come to you, or we can choose a location. Wear whatever you are comfortable in or what you think you will be happy looking at in 20 years’ time when your kids are going through the photos.

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Matriarch – “an older woman who is powerful within a family or organization”. Matriarch photo sessions are a way to honour your mum, nanna, grandma, auntie – Matriarch, the woman that created your family, the wise and knowledgeable one, these women are the foundation of the family, they have the history and the stories of you in their hearts. Photo session is 1 hour and you can chat with your matriarch on the location. Let’s be honest, we don’t live forever. Have a portrait session with the matriarch of your family. Pay tribute to that amazing woman.

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