People at the bakery.

I spent time today just sitting. Sitting outside on a long wooden bench seat at Suffolk Park bakery. Taking delight in a caramel latte, dressed in cut off denim shorts, a bikini top, and a chiffon kimono top (I would NEVER dress like this to go the bakery at home).

Suffolk Park is about 6km from Byron Bay. Byron is Australia’s most easterly point, so is the first place to see the sun rise. Byron is a laid back beach lifestyle with a village atmosphere and a lively local culture. Byron has the best of Australian settings including sunny subtropical climate, white sandy beaches, leading to turquoise ocean and is hugged by lush countryside and tropical hinterland. With these gorgeous conditions it is no wonder that the year ending September 2015 there was 217,100 overnight visitors to this region. With 63.9% of these visitors being between the ages of 15 and 29 and spending $105 million in overnight accommodation, with 29.2% of this money going to backpacker accommodation.


It seemed this arvo when I went to buy a couple of staples at the bakery the 217,000 international visitors congregated to the Suffolk Park bakery. As I was enjoying my coffee, there was a couple in their twenties, adorned in beach ware (both unquestionably blessed with beautiful genes.) sitting a little way down the bench seat eating sugary treats, the girl was trying to steal bites of partners little delicacy, he was shoving her own cream puff in her face. I don’t speak French, but the way these two were speaking it sound so romantic, (he was probably telling her to bugger off). There was a mother and small child (the mother dressed in an elegant flowing white dress and her little brown berry baby only in a cloth nappy) sitting next to me speaking, mmmm I am not sure maybe Dutch. He kept on pointing at the glass cabinet with an abundance of cream and pastry on the shelves. Being a kindred spirit in the Mumma fraternity, I think she was probably telling the little guy no. At one point a bashed up car jumped the gutter, the driver trying to park in between two other parked cars, and he clearly had zero driving skills if the scratches, and dents are any indication. They had there surfboard hanging out the back window, the car was absolutely full of bags, towels and oh god who knows what else. The passenger jumped from the car in board shorts that had seen better days and nothing else, in long strides to the pie cabinet, all the while (I think) yelling obscenities in Japanese to his kamikaze driving friend. All of this human hilarity was happening with the sounds of an Aussie baker belting out, Pinks – Raise your glass. I sat on that bench seat feeling grateful and proud to be living in such a fabulous country. A place where international visitors crave to visit. Creating a real melting pot of wonderful people, cultures and experiences for not only international visitors but also locals. Of course being summer in Australia, I got to my car where I blasted the air-conditioning, because the steering wheel was so hot I couldn’t touch it, and the seat belt burnt my bare belly (teach me for wearing a bikini top to the bakery).

I wonderful thought for this time of year: We are all different and that’s beautiful. x