Our life and business are how we create it.

Creating from a place of being grounded and clear on who I am, what I value and what I want is a space for freedom and curiosity to play. My confidence is growing from a place of taking action, even when I am not 100% sure. Action happening from a place of curiosity, gratitude, and being in the moment breeds trust as I commit to myself, the goals I have set and where I want my business to grow and move. And while there is a lot of breathing and taking one step at a time; it is rewarding to feel momentum and movement, to expand beautifully and with awareness of what works, and cull quickly what doesn’t work.

This has been a process of being present, journalling, moving my body, experimenting in my business with things that are not conventional, recognizing my cycles and flow of how and when I work and create best, being in conversation with my own mentors, coaches, and accountability buddy.  Showing up while simultaneously letting go. Changing habits and patterns, asking better questions of myself to have clarity in what, where, who and why. Clearly defining for myself what my success is. Showing up for  myself and understanding I am doing this work to make myself proud of what I am creating and the impact my business is having on myself.

The business I am creating is flowing, I am attracting my dream clients, I get excited to see who is in my diary for the day, I am connecting to women who value all of the above and I take joy in witnessing the ripple effect of what I offer.

One of my most important goals.

For women to create their business how they want it, a business that pushes them, that is a comfort to them, a space where they can be themselves, to be as creative in every decision they make as they dare to be, to feel valued and continue to take sustainable steps towards the success that they define.


I have open mentoring sessions in my diary if you would like to be in conversation with me about how you are creating your business.