Be grateful for your magnificent body, it has bought you too today. You are here and living life in your body for another day.



The trumpet tree in our yard is in bloom. The trumpet tree means; rebirth, transformation, surrender to release and allow, my body was telling me to create art at that tree – it was raining, and the light was grey. I wrapped my body in a robe, put my camera on a tripod and connected my phone to the camera for some self-portraits.

A photo session dedicated to making art of yourself is powerful inner work, to be thoughtful in the way that you create the image, the symbolism, and stories that you tell yourself, about yourself. To see yourself through your own lens.

I declared that 2022 would be a year of movement. That I would explore that word with mind, body, soul.

As I edited the self portraits yesterday, the way I looked at my body, the stories and shame I put on myself was something I would never dream of saying to another woman. The way I critically looked at my body and, in my mind kept thinking, “when did this happen”? The thicker thighs than I “usually have” the rounded belly and inner thighs that nearly touch, when did I get a thicker back?

I was not at all grateful for my body. For the body that I have taken for granted and not worshipped. The body that for a time I barely acknowledged, I was  disconnected and in my head. I did not give one single thanks to my body for being the wonder that it is for carrying my soul through this lifetime. I did not appreciate that my body kept going in my dark days – never once failing me. I did not give thanks for the messages that I know; I was receiving from my body that I did not listen to, my intuition that I have felt strongly and powerfully and dismissed casually – thinking I know better, I have time. I was so critical as my skin looked different – different from what though.

My yoga practice this morning was one that I had seen on the app that I use and have avoided it – it looked hard and uncomfortable, and a bit longer than I usually do. This morning I went to the mat in surrender, offering myself forgiveness and dispelling limiting beliefs. I moved and flowed with the instruction, and I had tears of gratitude and love that my body moves when and how I ask it to. That it rejoiced at the intensity and discomfort. I went deep in receiving the meditation and medication that the practice gave me.  When I declared that 2022 was going to be for movement – I did not know the depth of the spell that I spoke and how it would move me. I am grateful today for my magnificent body.