luv ur voice

Hello. My name is Melinda Edwards and I am giving voice to every womans story. I have created a writing project – luv ur voice, giving voice to every womans story. Hear their voice, their story.  I would be honoured if you would join me as part of this exciting, lovely journey.

Why have I chosen to do this! Well, women’s stories are so important. Sharing in women’s stories creates a sense of community, a sisterhood, women come to recognise their own value, and our narratives display our differences and our similarities. It’s a recording of female history. Healing and understanding occur from voicing our experiences, we can see ourselves reflected in others. Reading other female experiences helps us to see our own potential, it builds feminine identity and shows us how other women live their female life. To show, that we are interested in reading about women who open their heart and share. To prove that people are willing to pay for beauty to be created. To share the love.

I want us to have conversations as well, on the blog, Facebook or Instagram. You will have exclusive access to posts that show what I am working on, I will show you behind the scenes, you can give me suggestions on what you want to see or what you want me to ask in an interview. This is not just my experience it is yours as well, I am creating this space for me, the women that I interview and YOU.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to find, be recommended to, or approached by ladies that want to share some of their story. We will chat over a meal, a wine, or a coffee. Capture our time together in writing and pictures. I will write and edit until I have the spirit of the interview just right. And then tap the publish button to share it all with you and wish for you to love it too.

Why back me financially, by having to pay to read the interviews? Because I am creating a platform for me to showcase my best work, build a community and get paid to keep on creating.

All of these amazing dollars, go into producing a space of women’s voice and personal accounts. The money will pay for transport to and from interviews, having a coffee, wine or meal during the interview.  A graphic designer to assist in creating beauty on a page. My aim is to produce the most beautiful creation of image and words imaginable. The more patrons in our community means more interviews, and more stories. A portion of this money will be used to pay it forward, sharing the love with other women and girls and raising their voice. My ultimate goal is to be able to make this a full-time project. Meaning I could gracefully leave my day job, and work on something that I am passionate about. Sharing voices that create connection, awareness, a space of support, understanding and education.