I will forever say that our business is how we create it.
I am started my VA business as a support for women in their own creative business because I want a successful business, I want my clients to have a successful business that is sustainable for them and makes them lots of money – why because of CHOICE. I support mostly photographers and I want more of their art in the world, I think it is important that women of all ages have photos, that families have photos at all stages of their life together. Every photographer is unique and so are their ideal clients and they deserve to find each other.
My VA business has morphed and changed into clarity and accountability sessions. The women booking in with me for VA support – didn’t know what they wanted help with. I am curious by nature, love to dig deep into questions and conversation. The VA support sessions turned into being in conversation – when women connect and have a common purpose we thrive, support each other, and share wisdom and knowledge and skills. There were no admin tasks completed but there was clarity gained, ah ah moments, laughter, tears, connection, renewed energy, ideas, thoughts, dreams flowed, comfort zones and boundaries questioned, and action plans made.
The women coming to these conversations with me have all the ingredients and just need someone to chat and verbally process with so they can see the bigger picture, to get clear and accountable of sustainably for themselves and their families and choose how they will be in their business. These sessions are about meeting the woman who is creating her own business, to recognise that we have multiple facets to our wonderful selves and that businesswoman is one of them and when the businesswoman in us is acknowledged and loved; the impact and value, and choices she creates for herself is enormous.
I want to work work with woman, who want to succeed in their  business – once the decision is made to create a business, we have the choice to go all in and make it a success whatever that means to us personally.  This is their choice, women who are creating their own business get to choose everything, they choose their diary lay out and when and how they work with the flow of their own energy, their family, and clients. A woman in her own business, chooses what value and offers she is going to give to the world, she chooses how she shows up and why, she chooses the effort she puts in, she chooses the prices she charges and the money she makes.
Women with money in their bank, purse, pocket, make an impact. Women with money get more choice, they choose how and where to spend/ invest their money, women with money from the business she created set an incredible example for those around her.
The foundation must be clarity – when we are clear in where we are going, what we are doing and why – choice becomes easy. Because we know why we are making that choice. Having clarity means we know our standards and values, clarity means we can go deeper, grow, expand with our business and it is a choice not a reaction.
Accountability is taking responsibility for the life / business we are creating. Accountability creates consistency and self-trust, accountability nurtures creativity, accountability and checking in with someone else creates connection and keeps the conversation, ideas, thoughts, and movement in the business. Accountability builds confidence in knowing we are capable of anything.
A thought for Friday
Are you clear in what you are doing and why?
Do you make yourself accountable?