I take photos because, I want to capture this moment in time, to be grateful for human existence. I take photos because I am fascinated and curious about connection, relationships, emotions, details, process, people and hearing stories. I love to celebrate people and their achievements. When I am taking photos, I get lost in my own universe of flow and focus with my client, we laugh, have deep conversation, share stories, connect, and have fun creating art that is all you. I work very hard to create a space where you feel safe to relax and connect with me on a human level, the space created by our energy means that conversation flows, laughter is loud and we are women sharing our stories. Look through my portfolio, you will only see photos where there are real smiles, real connection with me, where you are feeling connected to yourself, or your child, whoever is in the image.  These photos are not just snapped like a selfie on your phone, these photos are curated and conscious moments of you that I capture, I want you to view yourself as the art in these photos.