You and me lets create your photos together.

The unfolding woman.

The Unfolding Woman, it doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not on a deep level we are all unfolding. Unfolding also means revealing, expanding, clarifying, evolving, growing, progressing, unwrapping woman are all in this process. I have created Unfolding Woman because I want to capture this moment in time, to be grateful for women’s existence and to show you. Your connection to self, your energy and body reactions when we are talking about relationships, emotions, details, process of life, people and how you share your stories. The session by some could traditional be called Maternity or Motherhood or self-love photo sessions. I prefer Unfolding.

When I am taking photos, I get lost in my own universe of flow and focus with my client, we laugh, have deep conversation, share stories, connect, and have fun creating art that is all you. I work in flow with you to create a space where you feel safe to relaxed and connect with me on a level only a women’s circle can. The space created by our energy means that conversation flows, laughter is loud and we are women sharing our stories. As women we are divinely connected in our energies, everything we do is interdependent and all of our actions creates a mesh of connected consequences. We feed off each other’s vibration and energy, women’s wisdom and knowledge. Look through my portfolio, you will see photos where there are real smiles, real connection with me, where you are feeling connected to yourself, or your child, your mum, whoever you have chosen to share this experience with. As women we are the supreme containers of creativity. These photos are not just snapped like a selfie on your phone, these photos are curated and conscious moments of you that I capture, I want you to view yourself as the work of art that you are, the unfolding woman with multiple layers, shadow and light, can be viewed and interpreted in multiple way and always evolving with every experience.

This means that my maternity, motherhood and self love sessions are about real life. Show me the stretch marks on your glorious pregnant belly, the tired screaming toddler is your life at this point, we can capture that, the teenage with haircut or clothes that melt your brain in horror is your world. These are all fleeting moments in time, it is important to capture the real. The photo that you look back on and are so grateful that you decided to create to remember this time where the days feel long but the years are short. I mean 2020 has taught us that hugs and spending time with family can be taken away so easily. That life is unpredictable. So let’s capture it.

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