Dear friends.


We can choose to feel lonely and isolated in business. Or we can choose to lead our business and life with the support of other women.


My business foundation is to create space for women to work with me in a partnership, this relationship goes deeper than getting VA tasks done.

We all know intellectually what needs to be done in our businesses, courses have been done, masterclasses have been taken, there are programs and software filling our computers to streamline processes. And yet there is a feeling of overwhelm, of hustle and bustle but nothing getting done, projects on the back burner, a sense of loneliness, boredom and not being motivated on our own.

My business is to honour the women in their business and create the magic sacred energy of women working together.

My offering of VA services is NOT just getting a task list done. It is much deeper than that.


I am not just a VA I am a:


Accountability buddy

Boundary pusher



Trouble shooter

Village builder

Opening up conversation, pulling ideas, thoughts, fears, goals, prices, and offers apart. It means help in stepping into the uncomfortable and pushing to the edges.  Asking questions not thought of or avoided. We have our own lane to stay in, our own area of expertise to work from, but imagine doing it with the camaraderie of another woman alongside, leading our own lives and business in the direction we want, in the direction that will lead us deeper, deeper into knowing ourselves, business and lives. Working closely with right women builds community, builds creativity, curiosity to bigger possibility and it builds our fortunes and legacy.

Let’s work together ladies.

The business I am creating is unique in the way that I offer support in getting tasks done, also the feeling of knowing that another person genuinely wants to see you thrive and create the life that your business is here for.

The offer is

Admin assistant





Hard ass all rolled into one

To create our own business takes vulnerability and courage. My offer of support is to honour the women that invite me to work with them. To offer kindness, thoughtfulness, active listening, and to be the one to ask questions that go deeper. Deeper into the why of our business and where we are going, questions and support in learning, remembering, and recognising facets of self that only another can see, and this happens when we work together, while also respecting our own inner work, business, and life creation. From the beginning of time women in collaboration have been tapped into each other’s wisdom, knowledge, and energy. When women work collectively, we emerge from the experience feeling energised because we have connected. We have remembered that we are meant to be in spaces where we each contribute our own specialties, insight, experience, and skills. Energy bouncing off each other as we share stories, experiences, celebrate, grieve, create art, business, raise children and nourish our family.

I have created this business always with the thought in mind – how and where do I feel most alive, energised, creative, supported, and confident in learning the most about myself. The space is always when I am surrounded by the women in my life, family, friends, other creative women, mentors, coaches, teachers.



Let’s work together ladies.

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