Dear Friends


I have not been in this space for a long while now and I miss it. A few years ago, I did 100 days of writing. I loved it. As I dive deep into the next 100 days of change, I am going to share my story.

I have made decisions over the last few weeks that are changing how I live, my mindset, self-trust, inner work to create the life that I want. How I will earn money and be able to show up for myself, my family, and friends. I have halved my time at the hospital – where I have worked for the last 20 years, it is a comfort zone and a guaranteed source of income.

I wrote a book last year and the process was fully intuitive, it came flowing through me in a perfect way. Remember was my first book, I had no idea whatsoever about publishing a book and yet the process was perfect. The steps unfolded in such a way that I didn’t have to think about it, just take the next step. There wasn’t any anxiety or fear. I would just “know” what the next step was. Remember was a work of art that has a life of its own. Remember always felt like it had a lifeforce and personality of its own and would go out into the world to the perfect women at the perfect time in the perfect way.

Page 102 of Remember is

You have all the creative bones in your body. Your life is a masterpiece. Your family is a work of art.

Your home – art.

Your personal style – art.

Your voice – art.

Your love – art.

I am consciously surrendering to that space. I am not creating a “business”

I am creating my life as a work of art

in the way I want to live and earn money, move my body, be with my family and friends, how I think, speak, and love, move out of comfort zones, and replace routines and habits, get uncomfortable, find my edge and boundaries. I am slowing down so that I am able to make decisions that are grounded, steady and the next right step for my whole life while letting go and letting life unfold and be as beautiful as it is meant to be.

Thank you for being here and following along.