How we show up in business.

As part of creating a business we agree to show up. We have the responsibility to show up for our clients and our business. Without an audience seeing us and knowing our business exists; we have no clients and no business. It is our responsibility to keep our business alive.

Our audience is paying attention to what we do, to convert our audience to clients, our audience needs to know, like and trust us. People want to know us, know our story, how we got to where we are and why they should spend their money, time, or energy with us. This means we show up, show our faces, tell our story, share our offerings, excitement, and passion for our business.

Our business is how we create it, where we show up and how is what we choose and how we create it. Showing up in our business is how we communicate, it is the language we use, the energy we create around our offerings. What we share is our choice, humans since the beginning of time have shared stories and this has been an important part of communication, sharing of wisdom, knowledge and skill. Sharing our business story is important but; we must make our story telling and showing up sustainable for us and to protect what is sacred to us; meaning we do not have to share every single story of our life.  To share stories, conversations, and information, relevant to our business, without compromising our own heart and mental health is a boundary to hold.  By working from a foundation of clarity in the purpose of our business, knowing why we created our products and services we then have a solid message to share with our audience.

Where we show up in our business is our choice, where we put our time, energy, and face is our choice.  The purpose and goal is to make our audience remember how they feel when connecting with us, we want them to think “I want more of her in my life”.

If Instagram is your playground – have fun, be creative with it, it is a popular space to build an audience and create connections with the people that follow you, the features of stories and posts allow you to offer your audience multiple ways of experiencing you and your business.

Building and nurturing an email list or educating your audience about your website  creates an intimate opportunity to dive deeper into longer pieces of writing, educating our audience and building trust, by being consistent with when we land in the inbox of our audience. If someone is signing up to our email list, they want to know us. It is an opportunity to engage someone who is genuinely interested in our business, it is a chance to play with what we share, get creative with how we capture attention, converting  attention into opening the email and encouraging engagement and conversation with us in thoughtful way. We can explore and create flow with the topics we choose to educate or focus on, blog posts and emails can be repurposed and are valuable resources for our business. Your Instagram account is not yours. Your email list and website are.

When you are in communities, groups, or forums on social media, as part of education or training on a zoom call, do you have your profile photo set? Do you engage in conversation? Do you add to the dynamics of the group by showing up each time, talking about who you are and what you do? This is showing up in your business, this is building awareness around your name, your business and how you show up and contribute.

Showing up in business is not only on the world wide web. Your business is real life – when you meet someone for the first time or  are in conversation with friends, peers, other business owners or creatives are you proud to talk about your business? Are you confident in creating and going deep into conversation around your business, what you do, for who? This is showing up in your business, talking about your business in a room full of opportunities is showing your business love and commitment, it builds confidence in yourself and your voice.

Bringing your audience into your business, creating a networking or creative event, showing up and putting yourself and your business front and centre in a curated way, brings your most engaged audience to you. This is a chance to let them feel what it is like to connect with you and your business. It is an opportunity for you to show up in a way that is not available to you online, show up as the expert in your business with confidence, wow them with value, educate them on a favourite topic in your business, connect with them in conversation and be genuinely interested as to why THEY have shown up in your business. Give them an experience of what your business is like, so they want to pay for your services.

Showing up in our business is our responsibility, it shows people what we do, and it honours the attention our audience is paying us with their time and the one thing we can never get back is time. When someone shows up in our business by liking a post,  replying to an email, commenting on a blog post or meets us in person, their attention at this point, is an opportunity for us to build connection and relationships. The highest honour we receive in our business is word of mouth clients and testimonials, and these are the result of us showing up as ourselves in our business with gratitude, respect and accountability for the dreams and goals we create with the audience that converts to clients.

I have brainstorming to clarity and accountability mentoring sessions available if you would like to explore showing up in business.



Have a beautiful day