How do you choose a mentor, coach ?

Firstly, think about what is the support/ feedback you are looking for? What is the purpose of you connecting with someone outside of your business?

Do you honestly want someone to be honest, push your comfort zones and boundaries?

What are you looking for in a mentor/ coach?

Is it that they charge an exorbitant amount of money so must be successful?

Do you connect with their business and what they are offering and want to learn their ways and feel that will make you successful?

Is there marketing superb and offering six figures in six weeks?


Is this person someone you have connected with or have watched on social media and are excited to pay to be in proximity to them?

Is this person an expert in their field and you know you will learn from them and apply that knowledge to your life or business?

Do you feel connected to this person in a way you know that whatever the coaching or mentoring is, you will learn and grow from the space?

Does this person have an energy and presence that you want to be in intimate conversations with about your business?

Do you feel  this person will give honest, useful, and progressive feedback?

Does this person make you want to immerse yourself in their space because they invoke fascination, curiosity, joy, discipline or commitment you want to be surrounded by?

When you are open to being mentored or coached, you are entering into the relationship with an open heart, mind, and willingness to receive the wisdom, knowledge, experience, strategy etc, the mentor or coach is offering – there is a transformational opportunity for depth and growth for you here. The coach/ mentor is not a supportive friend who will allow you to hide or offer well-meaning advice. Their business is a tool for you to use. It is not a magic wand. For you to get the most out of the connection, there needs to be deep vulnerability, and trust, you need to be coachable, ask questions, take responsibility for the actions you take or the actions you avoid. Be prepared to have your comfort zones disrupted, soften into the process of having another person question you in your business – you have sought out the mentor/ coach, you wanted this experience, you want support while also being held accountable and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When making the commitment to be in a space with a mentor or coach the most important thing to understand is that we create our own results. To have a person to talk to, learn from, be mentored, or coached by on a regular basis is an incredible tool and resource to have. It can be seen as a luxury, but women especially thrive when in spaces with other women where they can feel seen, heard, use their voice, feel safe to share fears and to celebrate and learn from each ebb and flow, share wisdom and knowledge, stories, and experiences. When you commit to these spaces you are committing to yourself, your growth. You are the one that will achieve the goals and dreams you are working towards, with support and guidance from a mentor / coach you connect with.


I am available for brainstorming to clarity mentoring sessions and accountability mentoring is available at the moment as well.




Have a beautiful day.