Getting naked.

Ok,  there is one beach activity that I am finding fascinating while on holidays. Every day we walk over the headland to a lookout, to the right of the lookout is a gorgeous little cove that is called Kings Beach. Kings Beach is a nude beach/ clothes optional/ au naturel beach – whatever you want to call it, everyone over there is starkers.

Yesterday when we walked over the headland we passed my favourite spot, which is piece of grass covered land that is on the side of the cliff, it has tiny wooden stairs and it is the most divine place to sit and watch the power of the ocean. When passed there yesterday, a couple were making out on the side of the hill NAKED, they were covered in what looked like clay or mud NAKED and making out. My husband was mortified- “oh shit, don’t think they should be doing that” he almost screeched in my ear. Another couple walking behind us, who were about the same age as us, “oh Jesus, that’s not cool”, the guy says, as his partner has a giggle. My husband and I kept walking and headed down to the beach for a quick swim, while we were in the water, the naked couple went walking passed still naked, still covered in mud. They were having a wonderful, carefree walk along the beach, the girl was laughing and throwing her head back walking with the utmost confidence. The guy was completely at ease with walking along a public beach where everyone is clothed, at one point he did a handstand – yep naked, covered in mud handstand. The clothes optional theme continued today on the family beach where everyone wears clothes. My husband and my friend’s husband went to the beach this afternoon and came across a group of naked girls and a couple of them were doing naked yoga, child’s pose and downward facing dog – NAKED, uuummm can you imagine the visual the boys got.

An article written by Leah McLennan, was interesting to read as part of my research into why people go nude on the beach. She made some great points about Australians being more open and liberal in their attitudes to what to wear to the beach. This was compared to, up tight Americans who originate mostly from religious fanatics who left Europe hundreds of years ago because it was too liberal and the thought that nudity is sexual and sex is a sin according to the Puritans. She talks about the Greeks and Romans and their comfortable stance on nudity especially in the arts. She goes on to say, that public nudity the like of what is seen in Europe is a way for women especially to reclaim their bodies, and to develop a healthier attitude away from the “perfect” body images that are splashed all over the media.

Reasons that people may go nude have at times been given:

  • Ecological or environmental – rapport with the natural world.
  • Health reasons — bathing in the sun, fresh air and water .Sun is a form of medicine.
  • Rapport with other humans — equality and respect. Being nude in groups makes all feel more accepted – physically, intellectually and emotionally.
  • Spirituality
  • Equality- clothes build social barriers. Social nudity leads to acceptance in spite of differences in age, body shape, fitness, and health.
  • Liberty – no one has the right to tell others or their children that they must wear clothes.


As part of my research for the blog, I sun baked topless up one end of the deserted beach. I wasn’t uncomfortable but I wouldn’t go swimming or walking around on a public beach topless. After reading a few articles and the reasons and etiquette of going nude, (no cameras, no staring, no sexual comments, making sure that the beach is unquestionably a nude beach before stripping). I think if you have the confidence and the desire to get your gear off at the beach more power to ya.