How to feel unstuck


As women we are in flow every single day. Ebb and flow are natural life cycles, and it is the same in business. Everything is energy and everything is connected. When we feel stuck, we have forgotten what our purpose is, we have forgotten that there are times for rest, work, play, grief, and celebration. We have forgotten that we are in flow and moving every day.

So how do we feel the flow and movement.

We recognise where we are in this very moment –

  • What is happening?
  • What is working?
  • What do we want?
  • What are our goals in this moment?
  • Why do we feel stuck?
  • What is the purpose of our business, art, photography etc?
  • Where do we want to be in the future?
  • How do I be in service?
  • What helps my clients?

What is a pathway to my goals (think of google maps – you know where you are and you know where you need to go, you just need directions to get there)

Ask yourself the questions above and be kind while doing it:

Write your answers in a journal, think about them while on a walk or creating art. Make the experience a ceremony draw a bath and soak. Enjoy a cup of tea in the garden and relax. Go for a run, practice yoga, walk on the beach. Have a conversation with a friend or mentor. Do something that makes you feel expansive while thinking of these questions, be moving or in flow with an activity that doesn’t require you to be in your head.

Our life and business is how we create it, what we focus on expands, thoughts become things. There are so many more quotes I could give you. That is the next step in this process. Have a think and ask yourself:

What do I need to focus on in my business right now, to reach the goal I have for myself or business?

  • Do I need to generate more income?
  • Do I want to feel more creative?
  • Do I want to grow your audience?
  • Is it time for me to refine your offers or prices?
  • Do I need to look at outsourcing some of my to-do list?


Everything is our choice and how we create and flow with our business is our choice. Having clarity in what our purpose is and what we want to focus on opens pathways to being creative and curious in how we will reach our goals.

Again, be kind, make your action list 100% yours. Make it sustainable for you, make it fun for you, make it flexible, while holding yourself accountable. Take one step at a time towards the goal you are working towards. Look at the list above and create steps to take, and what you need to focus on in this moment, while having the goal in mind. Reaching your goal starts with the clarity of knowing your purpose, what your focus is and taking one action step today towards that goal.