Feeling frustrated?

Frustration the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

We have become a fast-paced society that feels entitled to results now, that if we do one thing then we will have instant gratification.

Use frustration as an opportunity to reflect, evaluate, be curious and make changes, to get to know yourself and what you do when feeling frustrated. How do you respond?

Frustration is an opportunity to zoom out and see the situation, accept where we are in the moment.

Frustration is an opportunity to understand, that we are in action and moving towards our goals, and to be patient with ourselves.

Frustration is being upset or annoyed, from being tested.

Frustration can be used as a navigation point to go deeper, to go all in on the goals, and dreams we have made.

Frustration is a time to raise the bar, to explore, and to keep taking action.

Frustration can be a turning point in refining and clearing out what is no longer needed, it is an opportunity to get creative in renewing excitement in how to move forwards to our goals.

Is frustration coming from a place of not being patient? We have become impatient with wanting things NOW, maybe the dreams and goals need more time, more clarity, and more work to be in alignment with our heart.

Feel the frustration what is it showing, is there a certain point of the goal that is frustrating? why? What is it asking you to do?

What is your goal? Do you really want the goal, and why? Or is it something you feel you should do and why? What is the purpose of your goal and why?

Do you know the steps you have to take to get to your goal? Like google maps you know where you are, and you know where you want to be; but are you clear on the steps to get from a to b? Are you clear in what will each step be and the purpose of it? Are you clear on what the experience of the destination is and why you want it?

Frustration is an educational experience, what are you learning? Are you trying to do everything on your own? Can you seek out people that have gone before you and learn from them? Are you asking yourself questions? Eg What is making me feel frustrated? What has changed in the process or actions that I am feeling frustrated?

Are you feeling frustrated because you are pushing your comfort zones and boundaries? Are you frustrated because you are feeling uncomfortable and not in your area of genius yet.

Have you had a break? Maybe your goals, dreams and the actions needed are telling you to leave them alone for a while, to give yourself a break, take a nap, go for a walk, read a book, sit on the grass, have a meal with a friend, go to the beach. Feel joy, laughter, love, creativity, let go of the frustration and come back to your goals and dreams feeling refreshed and with a new perspective.

Is the frustration asking you to spend deep time with it? to realise you need to let go completely, that the version of the dream or goal is not for you. To evaluate, refine and cull, – does the new goal or dream feel more like you?

Do no give up at the point of frustration, feel it, move with it, explore it, get curious with what you need to change, refine, move, or cull. Frustration means you are moving, keep taking one step at a time.