Family documentary session

Hi, my names is Melinda and I love telling stories through pictures and words. My photography work is documentary style, my writing is essay style. My heart fancies a good story, one of my joys is to tell stories, hear stories, and share stories. My website is full of stories of mine, and wonderful women that I have interviewed. My writing is honest and kind, I cover all the emotions that hearts beat to. Telling stories is a way for me to process. To see how far I have come, to realise goals have been met (or not), to be grateful. To know that I have survived 100% of any event good or bad. I write about ordinary, everyday occurrences. I write about the love, the hurt and the special events. Pen and paper, a keyboard and blank word document are where I lay down my words. I have always taken photos for my own family, and have decided to offer another way of telling stories, so I am adding a full frame DSLR camera to my work. My focus in photography is the small moments, the details, the emotion, the everyday ordinary. There is an immense amount of trust placed in me, my eye and camera to allow me to capture images within the flow of family life that is being experienced at that moment. I am grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to show you through my eyes your precious life.

Ordinary everyday moments are the thread that make up our lives, our work, relationships, the seasons, the process of an “ordinary day. All events that seem commonplace, minor moments that happen every day. I want to capture the moment preserve it in a single click, that moment, the one that you didn’t realise was so special. Life; people, health, wealth changes. Nothing stays the same, everyday ordinary images captured in that very moment stay the same. The smile, the hands, the details of the space, the connection, the love. Let’s seize those moments! So you will have the images that I capture of your life to look back on, the “ordinary, honest” moments that will start a conversation, leading you down memory lane, to times, people and places that have changed, grown, moved on, some forgotten but cherished.

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A documentary session with me would be 1-2 hours of me spending time with your family doing whatever it is you are doing. Hanging out at home with immediate and or extended family, cooking, eating, playing. Spending time cocooned at home with a new born. Playing with toddlers, lounging like lizards with teenagers. A cup of tea with grandma. All stages of life babies to oldies. I want to capture images of the fresh new babies and the creased, wise and knowledgeable.  Any and all seasons of life. I will capture the people, the faces, the setting. Mostly I will capture the family bonds, the connection, the memories, details of your life and loves.

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