You are the pioneering woman, the woman that did the hard work that showed up.  Kept going because you had to do, what you had to do. No matter the sacrifice of finances, or fight, fighting for yourself and for future generations. You are unfolding into your true woman, remembering your core worth, showing up for yourself. Do the work, do what you truly love, do the thing that you have a fever for, the thing that makes you hot with the need to release it, or explore it, do the thing that grounds you, heals you, and brings you to your edge.  Love, love what you do so fiercely that no one, no matter the opinion, can take anything away from you. Do the thing with so much conviction that there is no ego, that it is such a need that you do it in your own way. Do it in such a way that your goals will be met, that you’re in the arena and laying down your whole heart, for the thing that you must do. Reach the point where you do not care what others say or think about you. This point; is the point of limitless possibilities. Limitless freedom and opportunities, because the fear of others has been released, freedom is yours in this state. Be relentless, limit distraction, surround yourself with people that push alongside of you. You have to just give it ago, there is one chance in this lifetime.

No one cares, no one cares as much as you do about your creations or your work.  Create, create, create, release, and breathe deep into your belly and let it all out.

When deep within the work there is no comparison, there is no time to be looking at others when deep in the practice of your own process. Your heart, and subconscious know that there are others alongside you. It is essential to gather a trusted group around, however every single human has their own style, their own core that needs release and to go to work, to be remembered.

Go to your edge and hold it. Then go to your edge again and hold it.

Be relentless in the pursuit of expression, start where you are in this moment. Start and don’t stop. Remember your value; celebrate even the smallest wins on your own. Build the experience, get creative with all that you put out. Cheer loudly for your friends that are walking alongside your path.

Be the leader in setting an example of doing the work that your heart and soul is here for. We are all here for a reason, to learn lessons, to experience this life, we get messages, feelings, thoughts every single day. The yearning or reminders of our deeper self, mostly we ignore the intuition, the need and impatience of your deepest lessons to be realized. We often lack the courage that it takes to trust ourselves, we are comfortable in our surface layer of life. We place so much weight in the opinion of others. Everyone will always have an opinion no matter what.

No matter the conditions or what you have or do not have, while you have breath you have opportunity, live your hearts desires. There is only one you. You are the only one that lives the way you do, no matter how many people surround you, you are the only one living your life.