Contraction and expansion

As humans we experience contraction and expansion in our bodies every second of every day. Our heart contracts and expands with each beat. Our breathe has a rhythm. Our bodies throb with the energy of life force. Contraction and expansion is what keeps us alive and moving.

It is natural for us to feel contraction and expansion in every part of our lives.  In our business this may feel like:


Doubting ourselves



Feeling limited

Feeling like what is the point

I am not good enough

Nothing I am doing is working

I am not qualified for this

Believing you can’t change.



Trusting in life experience

Trusting intuition

Trusting you know what the right choice for you is

Opening your mind to options

Being resourceful

Taking responsibility for what you are creating

Connecting with others who you can learn from

Knowing that contraction and expansion is part of life and moving with it.


Contraction is a normal rhythm of life – it pulls us into ourselves, this is a place we can explore, recognise as growth and recognise where our heart and mind is. From this place we decide what the next step will be. Because we have life, there will be expansion. Expansion is the next beat, the next step, the next level.