Your business is how you create it.

Have you SEEN how you have created it to this point?

Have you looked up from the work, from what you do each day and thought WOW, this is what I have created!

The two hour experience is an observation of your business, a BTS of the thingĀ  you have devoted your time, sweat, tears, heart, education to. The images are not “branding” images as such, they are an artifact of me being in your presence in your business and translating what you have created into images that show you, your business.

Why would you have this experience?:

It gives you a record of you in business at this time,

the images record the story and the history of your business,

the photos are yours use them for content for marketing, social media, print them and hang them on your walls,

it is tax deductible.

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