About me. Well the absolute basics: I’m a woman that was born in autumn the last year of the seventies, I am a wife to the man I met at seventeen, and mumma to two boys. I have a beautiful family, awesome friends that I absolutely love to share a meal, wine or coffee and conversation with.  I love to read, I love bending myself into pretzel shapes with my yoga practice. Sand between my toes is my happy place. I want to travel and see different cultures. I love to celebrate people and their achievements, I LOVE stories.

However, I never gave any thought to, or was made aware of the fact I could pursue a career based on Meraki: this is a gorgeous Greek word that is hard to translate, because the beauty and soul of the word get lost in translation. The broad meaning is:

(v) to do something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

This word and its broad meaning melts my heart.

I capture Memories, connection, detail, history, process, contemplation with my camera. Mother and child connection. Capturing the mother and child connection from pregnancy to great-grandmothers. With a special interest Pregnancy, teens and grandmas, all the mummas. The transition times. What I am offering is, photos at your place. Life; people, health, wealth changes. Nothing stays the same, everyday ordinary images captured in that very moment stay the same. The smile, the hands, the details of the space, the connection with your gorgeous kids, the love. If 2020 has taught the world anything, it is that everything can and does change overnight. That a hug from loved ones can be taken away so easily. That human connection or distance can be dictated by the government. I capture moments. The “ordinary” moments that will start a conversation, leading you down memory lane, to times, people and places that are now changed, grown, moved on, cherished.

DM me on Instagram @mrsmelindaedwards or send an email to meled79@gmail.com . So looking forward to hearing from you.