Hi, I’m Melinda Edwards.

Welcome, I am so glad you are here in my space exploring how I can help you.

 As a woman like you, I have many facets to my story :

Wife of nearly 21 years, mum to two boys who are 20 and 17, writer –  I have hundreds of posts on this site, I would love for you to explore here. I have a newsletter and I have published a book on motherhood called Remember, photographer as a way of documenting our existence, virtual assistant – I have 25 years admin experience, business owner –  read below for the passion I have and why I started my business.

In this space I would like to let you know about my business. My business has the foundation of honoring women in their business with support from me as a

cheerleader, accountability buddy, boundary pusher, brainstormer, creative, trouble shooter and village builder.

I have created my business from a need I feel, and that is; I would love to have a friend in my business.  Supporting women in their business in not only the admin side,  I  have created a space for women to work collaboratively, where expertise, resources, and community is shared.  A space for both of us to explore, push boundaries in business and for the women I work with to know there is someone to have conversations with, to explore and pull apart projects, to get curious about bigger and more expansive ideas, and sinking fully into all facets of business with all the emotion that involves, because they know they have someone to provide a space for them to feel supported. I have done numerous projects over the years involving women, featuring them in my writing and photography projects to show them what others see in them, to show women as the incredible souls  they are and my business is an extension and a more concentrated version of that.


Women in their business, should not have to do everything on their own. Women in alliance with each other creates communities that flourish in all ways. I have created a space to  feel supported, motivated, interested and curious  in business, and serving as the conduit from where they are now to where they want to go. 



The business I have created, is for women that know they are the expert in the reason of why they started their business, but also know just as strongly that they need support and help in other facets. My offers are for women that are ready to honor themselves in feeling supported, for women to not only explore and evolve their business, but also to explore and evolve themselves.


Thank you for being here, please stay and have a look around at what I have to offer in the menu tab “All offerings in my business”


I so look forward to hearing from you

Have a beautiful day