About ME


About me. Well the absolute basics: I’m a chick that was born in autumn the last year of the seventies, I am a wife to the guy I met at seventeen and mumma to two boys. I have a great family, awesome friends that I absolutely love to share a meal, wine or coffee and conversation with.  I love to read, I love bending myself into pretzel shapes with my yoga practice. Sand between my toes is my happy place. I want to travel and see different cultures. I love to celebrate people and their achievements, I LOVE stories. I have had a c-section and vaginal birth (in that order). I breastfed and used cloth nappies. I embrace alternative education, I am passionate about learning and I am studying professional writing and publishing.  I’ve been able to help add to my husband’s income by doing a job I’m good at, a job that always paid well and that I have always worked my hardest at.

However, I never gave any thought to, or was made aware of the fact I could pursue a career based on Meraki: this is a gorgeous Greek word that is hard to translate, because the beauty and soul of the word get lost in translation. The broad meaning is:

(v) to do something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

This word and its broad meaning melts my heart.

Writing in a style that I am comfortable with is me being petrified of what others will think, is me being honest and raw. On some days when I am about to press the blue publish button, my heart races and I wonder if I am exposing far too much of myself. But I push that blue button every time because this is my blog and I am writing honestly from my heart.

I hope that you have found value in using your time to read about me. So please enjoy my blog as I continue to write. Follow me on WordPress, Facebook or Instagram .

DM me or send an email to meled79@gmail.com . So looking forward to hearing from you.