You know what I was always afraid to talk about or share because of the fear of being judged?


Having a caesarean section and a VBAC.

Opening a maternity wear store with mum having it for nearly 3 years – winning new business of the year. And closing it because we just couldn’t make money out of it.

Sending our boys to independent school – Montessori

Money having no money at all at one stage, like no money at all in the bank. But also, at one stage having over 40k in our savings account.

Sharing my photography

Sharing my writing

Sharing my motherhood experience of having a teenager for 4 years who was classed as an “at risk teen” on drugs, run away for days at a time, was kicked out of school, called the police on us because we wouldn’t let him run away again. Had a motorbike accident that nearly killed him, and we didn’t know.

Sharing my motherhood experience of trying to raise my other boy and give him the love, guidance, mother he deserved and not the depressed, traumatized mother that I felt on the inside.

Sharing my marriage experience one of equal part love, not having a clue what we are doing, stress, anger. Always back to love and each other but the long way.

Sharing the motherhood/wife/woman experience of healing our family one minute at a time. With every single conversation, with every single decision, thought, awareness, love. Where we are on the other side the transformation, the depth of our relationships.

BUT over time I am proud of this life, the lessons, the wisdom, self-trust, and values I have learnt.


I am sure there are plenty more but these are the big ones.