Bang! Bang!

What a way to finish my role as a Brisbane Festival Citizen reviewer.  Bang! Bang! Rhonda Burchmore’s delicious, high energy show that is made from her wildest fantasies (mostly men showing a lot of skin).

The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent is a “tent” where the audience is seated in a circle around the stage and cat walk. The circle a traditional form to gather and turn your back to the outside world and enjoy a show. Mirrors and stained glass windows are a feature in the tent, wooden flooring grounds the high energy circus feel, there are intimate booths tucked away along the perimeter of the tent and alcohol flows from the bar. This is where Rhonda’s alter ego, Ruder, along with her guest star Rob Mills danced, sang, and tap danced down the cat walk while the live band played classics; one being Tom Jones, and contemporary music of Miley Cyrus.

We sat in our fourth row seating with electric anticipation at seeing the show, Rhonda and her talented party spread their energy and enthusiasm through the whole Spiegeltent. The seventy minutes of the show flew by as the audience clapped, and danced in their seats along with the classics and the mash-up of songs. There was wolf-whistles and appreciation for all of the deliciousness on the stage (Rhonda’s words). Bang! Bang! Is a sexy production with plenty of six packs and skin on show. There was sequins sewn on to magnificent costumes that sculpted to perfectly fit toned performers bodies. There was men in cowboy chaps and women in tiny leotards, there were sparkly high heels that danced with perfection all over the stage and cat walk, fantastically fun hats, glitter bombs and bubbles. The audience was treated to dancers in concert at floor level within the reserved seating next to the stage.

Rhonda Burchmore is the epitome of professional, and talented after 30 years in show business. Australian audiences love her and the Brisbane festival audience was screaming their appreciation to her as well.  I was in awe of her fitness and energy, she is so much fun and of course her legs that go for miles were featured. She completely owned the Spiegeltent stage. Bang! Bang! was a perfect party atmosphere. So grateful to have seen the show thanks to Brisbane Festival.

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