Romeo is not the only fruit.


Romeo is not the only fruit was staged at the Theatre Republic – The Loft, QUT Creative Industries as part of Brisbane Festival. I was gifted the two tickets as part of my role as Citizen Reviewer. It was not on my wish list, however, I was looking forward to seeing a show that I hadn’t even glanced at.

The loft was kitted out with simple cardboard cut outs as the set for the show, oversized cardboard cut outs for the props as well, the costumes were plain (there was sequins at the end) and the main focus was on the script with a side of singing, dancing, and a dead lesbian chorus who manage to show Juliet who she really is and to embrace it.

The show is a modern romantic comedy based on Romeo and Juliet’s tragic story. It was a show of stereotypes; a romantic comedy, with lesbians that were up against cultural and racial barriers, discrimination and oppression. The show traipses over each stage of a coming-out story and in a comedic way is literally a big “fuck you” (that’s the closing song) to the “normal” white, heterosexual public who have their head up their ass (The mother said Juliet had her head up her ass about her ambition to be a pilot, and not wanting children) and don’t take notice of the multicultural, diverse world we actually live in.

Juliet (Margot Tanjutco) meets the new neighbour Darcy (Louisa Wall) and from there blossoms their romantic relationship. Juliet and Darcy are put through a series of trials, all stereotypical including Julie’s lesbian awakening, and family dinner with the overbearing Asian mother, a marriage obsessed G-Ma encouraging Juliet to settle down and marry a man and give them grandchildren the normal way, a night out at a gay event, and eventually attempted murder.

Some of the comedy went straight over my head, however, the crowd of maybe fifty thought it was hysterical. During the dinner of pasta made by the Asian mum, I found myself thinking of cooking the same meal for my family this week, and was trying to remember if I had the ingredients. During a tutorial with a cob of corn I was put off because I won’t be able to look at corn the same way again.

I am grateful for the experience to see of all these diverse shows that Brisbane Festival bring to the city and the people of Brisbane to enjoy.

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