LUV call out.

This post is a call out for contributors for LUV. I originally started the project with me asking women via invitation if they would be kind enough to share some of their story with me. I sent out fourteen invites. The four women that did reply and that I have interviewed were amazing and generous with their stories and their time. I want more. I want willing participants who choose to share, I will only interview women that contact me. What I have observed in trying to interview women for this project is that they fail to appreciate their experiences, and the learning that comes from all they have lived. There will always be someone that gains from the sharing of any experience or story. During the interviews that I arranged, I loved seeing the way the women chat and laugh and sometimes cry over their own story, the way they glow and have ah ha moments from their own life experiences. I love all of these women for sharing their voice.

I can be contacted via or private message. The following list is only a suggested list, to start conversation and ideas. If you or anyone you know would like to share please email or private message me. Interviews and stories shared can also be anonymous.

Here is a list of women that I would love to interview.

Creative – writer, artists, photographer, musician

an older indigenous lady

an indigenous artist

a woman that works in a male dominated field – miner, tradie, business (for example)

a woman living on a property in Australian outback

a woman that owns her own business.

a single mum

a woman over 60 – I would love to talk about getting older.

a woman over 80

a woman that has migrated to Australia recently.

a woman that has grown up in Australia but raised by parents from a different culture

a stay at home mum

a nurse – midwife, ED

a teacher

a doula

a woman who has survived a disease, domestic violence, addiction, mental health.

a nun

a teenage mum – (or had a child when they were a teenager)

a women that consciously chose not to have children

a widow

lost weight or transformed your body from unhealthy to healthy, unfit to fit.

a volunteer

a foster mother

a woman that had sex after marriage

a woman in an arranged marriage

a home schooler

 Please do contact me if you would like to share. If you read my last blog post you will no that the interviews are very informal, they are fun and I will be more nervous than you.

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