Good morning. A really quick post (my husband is taking me out for lunch before I start work at 2.00pm) BUT I wanted to let everyone know how BUSY I have been on the project that I wrote about a couple of posts back. (I will still be writing on this blog about all of the usual things I write about.)

SO I have come up with a name LUV which stands for luv ur voice. Giving voice to every womans story.

What is the spirit behind LUV! Well, women’s stories are so important. Sharing in women’s stories creates a sense of community, a sisterhood, women come to recognise their own value, and our narratives display our differences and our similarities. It’s a recording of female history. Healing and understanding occur from voicing our experiences, we can see ourselves reflected in others. Reading other female experiences helps us to see our own potential, it builds feminine identity and shows us how other women live their female life. To show, that we are interested in reading about women who open their heart and share. To prove that people are willing to pay for beauty to be created. To share the luv.


Sitting a cricket training, writing invite letters

I have also been busy setting up an email account for the project there is also a brand new Instagram account @luvurvoice (FOLLOW ME) this account will be purely for the project. It will show a small amount of behind the scenes and also let everyone know who I am interviewing. I have sent out 6 letters of invitation to be interviewed with three that came back and said YES, and one said to contact her in a few months. I have set up a photographer to take some photos (my lovely next door neighbour, who is great behind the camera and a young, female, University student who is studying music.) I have been and seen my lovely kineseologist who worked with me on all of my insecurities and confidence issues. I have been working on my Patreon site and have set up the background information.


Writing out the rewards on Patreon


On Monday, I cut up little pieces of paper and put them in one of the 1239495397592737230222 hats that litter my house and pulled out the number 21. SO on the 21st of August I will be launching the Patreon site. I was kind of hoping for a bit more time, but that is the luck of the draw.  (Literally seen as I drew the number out of a hat.)




Have a great weekend and will keep you updated on the progress .

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