Day 43

Day 43


This afternoon, I am mourning the loss of my favourite pair of thongs. They broke this morning when I was reaching up to get in to my four wheel drive. I wore these black little pieces of rubber everywhere. I bought them at Seaworld on the Gold Coast when the boys and I were there celebrating the birthday of my besties boy three years ago.  They were instantly comfortable. They didn’t need wearing in like most of the cheaper types.  There was no blisters in between my big toe and my second toe and they fitted perfectly.

Those thongs had some stories to tell, they have walked in a mothers footsteps. I wore them every day for school drop off and pick up, grocery runs, they were at all most every Wednesday morning coffee, they went to majority of the Tuesday and Thursday cricket training and every Saturday cricket game. They have been to the hinterlands of the Gold coast, Sunshine coast and northern New South Wales. They have been on beaches from the top end of the Sunshine coast to the glorious beaches of Northern New South Wales. They have stepped in cow shit, and saved me from barb like thistles in the paddocks of my sisters property in south west Queensland.

They were worn with jeans and skirts, cute little shorts, and maxi dresses. I wore them with socks in winter. They went from being too big for my boys, to, too small for my boys.

I have just re-read this and can’t decide if I am deliriously tired after my 17 hr work day yesterday or a complete bogan for writing a post about a my favourite pair of thongs breaking.

End of day 43

Back to work, I tried to have a sleep earlier and the dog started howling and a bird was tapping on my bedroom window.

Did a search for book publishers, for when I go to Europe and write a book about it. Found a self-publishing option via Hay house called Balboa press.

Love the big tree in the feature photo.

7 Comments on “Day 43

  1. Love this homage to your
    thongs, it reminds me of my beloved pair of crocs I inherited from my friend. I travelled almost all around Australia wearing them…I feel nostalgic now.

  2. for your loss. It’s always hard when they fall apart. Good luck with the angst of deciding which pair to buy next, (it usually takes me an age as I stare at the rows and rows of colors and patterns while trying to decide which pair will grace my feet).

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I am going on the hunt this morning and already am kind of dreading it. Oh well off to paint my toe nails. Have a great day

  3. I hope you got a pair that will be as faithful and hard working!! My last pair were so loved that when I had a blow out on the way to work I jammed a paperclip through the rubber and looped it underneath. I continued to wear them like that for a month before finally giving in and forking over the $$ for some newbies. They all have their own set of stories to tell 😃

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