Day 30

Day 30.

Worked all day today, like alllllllll day. I got here at 6.15am for a 7.00am start,  the traffic was supposed to be dreadful because of railway closures, so I left home early and had a cuppa before work.

I have ended up with a 16 hour shift because of the amount of people on annual leave for the school holidays and we have no one to call in.  So I will take the overtime hours and the money.

 Even though I have been stuck inside a building where I can’t see outside, I have experienced some beautiful things today.  I packed an apple for my morning tea this morning (I don’t usually eat fruit, my husband usually force feeds it to me after he has cut it up.) Anyway, the crunchy, juicy, sweet pink lady apple was a delicious morning tea.

This afternoon, in the middle of a crazy, busy time with a line up of people in front of me, I glanced down at my phone to see that my husband had sent me a pretty picture of one of the roses from our garden. With a beatiful message with it.

The third beautiful thing that I experienced today was the sunset.  My lovely friend and colleague came back from her tea break, the place was crazy busy still but she kicked me out of my desk and told me to go outside and look at the sunset.  I know the look on my face, told her I thought she had gone crazy because of how busy we were. She demanded I get outside go for a walk and look at the sunset. So glad I did because the red, pink, apricot, orange, yellow, and blue was worthy of beautiful and elegant poetry.

End of day 30

Not the end yet, but need to get back to work .

And just realised that I have stuck at this challenge for one month.


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