Day 19

Day 19.


Night duty recover today.

No major dramas with children starting work for the first time.

Finished work at 7am was home by 745am, may have cried with relief when I realised that my husband didn’t have to work today, meaning that I didn’t have to drive anywhere, do school pick up and he offered to cook dinner, so we took kiddies to school and then headed to do groceries to pick up some ingredients for dinner. Yeah really shouldn’t do that when you have slept for 27 hours and are starving. We now have lots and lots of food in the house, the boys were extremely happy when they got home from school today.

I have another interview on Thursday night at 7.00pm, with an author from Greece. We will be Skyping as she is still living there, love the thought of chatting to her while she is on the other side of the world. Excited and nervous to be chatting to her and couldn’t sleep today, because I kept thinking of all of these awesome questions, that I then couldn’t remember when I was a little more awake. While I spent time in my garden picking mulberries off our tree this afternoon (after I spent $5.99 on berries doing the groceries), I did think of a few questions for her, I will reassess when I have had more than 3 hours sleep though, do not want to sound ridiculous.

Don’t want to sound ridiculous, as I could have ended up looking extremely ridiculous, in my tired state today I forgot to wash out the purple shampoo in my hair – for like hours. And it was only my husband saying to me “how do you have time to wash your hair all the time, when the purple shit stays in your hair for so long?” – And cue me running to the bathroom to wash it out. It is fine and I don’t have purple hair.

End of day 19.

My husband cooked a beautiful roast meal, after running me a bath, and he also made me go for a big walk this afternoon.

Boy 2 came home from hanging out next door saying he need a shower, I looked at him in horror, because itchy grubs had got to him and he was one big welt. He is fine now.

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