Mothers truly do know what’s best.



Rain is loud on the roof today, slapping the windows at the back of the house. There are no curtains on the lounge room windows, the rain, grey sky and swaying trees make me feel cold looking out the window.   I am curled up on the black leather chaise lounge chair covered in a woollen crocheted blanket thinking about my day, a mug of coffee on the arm of the chair and a fire roaring further to my left. I am grateful for the rain today, not because the ground and the plants and the trees need it to nourish and cleanse. This family needed the rain today. No one is going off to work or school today, we need this rain to keep us inside, to keep us all in the kitchen while cooking lunch, perfect weather for cuddling up under the blankets and having a nap with a full belly and the background noise of rain to lull me to sleep, hanging out on the lounge chair – me reading, the boys playing play station. We have had interesting and varied conversation – we have talked about Fairtrade chocolate (one of my darlings has been learning about the child slave trade associated with cacoa. His quote of the day, as he took a bite of organic Fairtrade chocolate- “this tastes good with no blood in it”). We have learnt rising C02 levels in the ocean killing the Barrier Reef, we have talked about ocean noise and how it’s effecting the way whales communicate. The boys have learnt to tie fishing knots, and we have researched camping spots. We worked together to build a fire- the boys lugged the wood, I lit the match.

My oldest boy cuddled me so hard today I felt that my ribs may break. With the way his 14 year old attitude has been the last few weeks, I would have gladly traded a few broken ribs for the squeeze he gave me. My youngest is always affectionate, today we stood in the kitchen as lunch cooked and he rubbed my back, he said “love you so much” and wondered away.

Thank you Mother Nature. Thank you for the pouring rain all day that has made us stay inside and connect as a family. Mothers truly do know what’s best.

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