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Sarah and I had coffee on Wednesday morning like we always do, she said “I will send you my CV, I am finding writing it and my portfolio frustrating because I know that I am good, why can’t people just see that”. My gorgeous friend Sarah Heath, emailed me her CV, and asked if I could go over it and let her know if I could find any errors, let her know about the wow factor that I felt.

As I was reading through the CV, I understood her frustration. Sarah is a graphic designer, the document had perfect layout and my eye was drawn to headings like – experience, education, interests and references. I know all of this this information is important, and tells potential employees and clients what Sarah has done, and she has completed some impressive work eg. Senior freelance designer at Evolve Salons. Designing, branding and marketing for 15 salons. She has designed for icons like Sheraton Hotels and Commonwealth Bank. Earth E Magazine, a quarterly online magazine has been graced by Sarah’s creative eye for design. She has impeccable brand design skills. I call Sarah the berry lady, My Berries and numerous soft fruit and berry producers have built brands on the back of her logos, packaging, advertising and marketing material.  Various Wordpress and websites have also been designed and overhauled with Sarah’s skills.  Ever the generous lady, multiple high school and university students have benefitted from Sarah’s mentoring.



While the above is important and this is how people have to sell themselves. As I was reading, I kept thinking about the lady that I know. That is the vibrant woman, motivated by culture, by diversity and design features from all over the globe.  She is broad in her thinking, and is continually educating herself, not only formally via her Internet communications degree.  But by listening to podcasts hosted by experts, by attending events like writing festivals, she seeks out alternative articles and information from multiple sources like flip board and reputable websites.  I thought about the woman that for the next 12 months has quenched her wanderlust, while she builds a home, in a location that will give her direct access to other loves of hers, like the theatre and galleries. I thought about the art fanatic that loves to wonder a gallery and admire great works as much as she enjoys traipsing an ally and admire street art. Sarah has travelled the globe, this woman has travelled everywhere, she has experienced the world, and she has embraced other cultures and their societies.  Her favourite place to visit is Spain. I thought about the merlot sipping, foodie that loves nothing more than to spend time with family and friends and enjoy interesting conversation and belly laughs. The Mumma that agonised over the design, layout and flow of the school magazine for weeks also entered my mind. The woman that loves green, I don’t just mean the colour, she is passionate about respecting, being conscious about, and looking after our earth. This consciosness spills over into her designing method.


See all of the above doesn’t really fit into a CV. BUT, for a creative person and designer all of these life experiences influence her thoughts, design and work. But, maybe her creative, and design style is in her blood coming from an architect father and a highly educated mother who is active in multiple facets of the arts.

Wouldn’t it be great if the last page of a CV, could be a page of friends thoughts or knowledge on a person.




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