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I thought I was nervous on the day of the shoot.  I was actually more nervous on the day that I meet Marina, at a West End coffee shop, to view the photos.  The photos, and slide show that she produced were nothing like I thought that they would be.


They were so much better.

 I mentioned in the pretty knickers and preparation post, my boobs are tiny and I’ve always been conscious of this. I was nervous and apprehensive about viewing the photos. As I don’t have a great body image and photos of me showing so much skin, kinda freaks me out. The three lingerie sets that I was comfortable in, were all vastly different in their look and the attitude that they gave to the photos.  Marina did an amazing job of capturing all three perfectly.




As I wrote about in the last blog post, Marina is wonderfully creative and professional. She knew exactly what she wanted, in the way that I moved and posed.  There were a few times, I felt like a giraffe with my chin extended forward, and my bum back making an arch in my back.  However the finished product and the exaggerated pose looks fabulous.

For the couple of weeks leading up to it, I almost text or emailed Marina dozens of times to cancel. I’m glad I went outside of my comfort zone, and I am proud that I went through with it, because after viewing her beautiful work, and the experience that she gave me on the day of the shoot. It gave me a different view of my body and how I think about it.


Thank you Marina, I had a great time and love your work.

Marina’s contact details are: or Instagram.

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    • Thanks so much. I was really nervous but Marina the photographer did a fabulous job

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