Part 1 – Model Call

Part 1 of a 4 part series…………………………….


I find Instagram fascinating. When I press the magnifying glass on the bottom left hand side, of the screen, I am at times dumbfounded with what the search reveals to me. I wonder why Instagram thinks I would be interested in some of the images. However, this mystery has provided me with a great little story that I hope you will enjoy over the next few days.

I am serious about my word of the year ALIVE, well wait till you read on for January’s version of ALIVE.


10th January 2016

Good Morning Marina.

I am emailing in relation to the Instagram post for models.

I am a 36 year old Mumma and wife who has never modelled before.  

I would love to have this experience.  Why do I want to do it?  Well recently I have been embracing more of me – I have always loved to write but NEVER been brave enough to share it and enjoy and express my creativity. Well I started a blog and it has been pretty successful for the amount of time that I have been doing it.  Since I have been stepping so far outside my comfort zone and enjoying it and the creative process of writing, I have also been seeking other experiences. 

I think doing this would let me see my body in a different way (I have checked out your website and your photos are sensual, beautiful and unique.) Since having kids and breastfeeding them I have always been conscious of how small my boobs are and while I feel that I look ok in clothes, I am almost embarrassed when in underwear or naked.


Thanks for your time.

Melinda Edwards

I press send and don’t really give it much thought because – well I am sure that the photographer will receive hundreds of emails. I only sent the email as a part of my ALIVE for the year, just to see what happens.


12th January 2016 (parts of the email – that I was sent)

Dear Melinda,


First of all, thank you for answering my model call for boudoir session. To be honest, I haven’t expected so much interest and I am really overwhelmed with such great response. 

Thank you so much for your lovely email. After I read your email I just thought: I would love to meet this lady in person and photograph her for my portfolio! 

I would love to give you an amazing boudoir session experience with me. My goal is to create classy boudoir photographs in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself.  I will support and guide you through the process by showing you and telling you exactly what needs to be done.


I look forward to meeting you soon!


Cheers, Photographer

Marina Meier HQbpp



P.S: I read a bit from your blog. I like it!


My response to the above email, was to freak the hell out and laugh uncontrollably at my stupidity at sending the initial email. What have I gotten myself into?

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